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Citric Acid the CAUSE?

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I have believed for a long time after many years of trying different soaps, lotions, tablets etc etc that my skin problems were diet related. Not bad diet related, but just something in my diet that was causing my breakouts.

Now at 37 years old I had enough money to afford a food intolerance test which pointed to reactions to Yeast and Soya. Following a few weeks of reducing these items from my diet the results were not encouraging, but it had made me aware of how many ingredients go into food that I hadn't imagined. Bread was a good example with many many ingredients, but I realised that making it myself it had very few. The amount of ingredients in food is probably why it's so hard to locate the one that is causing the acne. However, I think I may have found the culprit after 20 years of acne. I read an article on another forum about a guy that had acne for 47 years and the cause was Citric Acid. I thought it was worth a shot and realised that Citric Acid was in the food of my usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. I quickly elimiated Jam, Yogurt and pineapple from my diet with astounding results. I was getting new spots daily and now on the 4th day in a row I have no new spots.

I have not removed Citric Acid completely from my diet as it occurs natually in tomatoes and I still eat ketchup, but some ketchup has added Citric Acid and I just avoid those. This applies to other foods too and by finding the right brands my diet has not changed too much.

I believe it's about not having too much, but that will be about trial and error as products don't list how much they contain. Many fruits natually have citric acid and I also read every food label to check there hasn't been any citric acid added.

Another thing to look out for is Citric Acid in soap, shampoo etc. I have removed the offending items from my bathroom.

I'll keep this topic updated with my progress and hope this post helps someone and I would be interested to hear their results.

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