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I have had numerous cavities and a chipped tooth over the last few years, so I have a good bit of enamel in my mouth. What I am wondering is: Is it safe to use a toothpaste without fluoride? I'll take it a step further and ask if it is safe to use a fluoride-free and sodium lauryl sulfate-free toothpaste?

I've considered trying childrens toothpaste or an organic toothpaste.

Also, I've tried baking soda, and after some research... I will never use it again as a permanent toothpaste.

I know this might be a bit off topic, but I have read into this a lot and I think that this might be what is causing my acne.

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If your acne is around your mouth, it could be causing it, but I doubt it would cause all-over acne.

I happen to just be wet-brushing, no toothpaste at all. I simply brush my teeth with my brush for a while, then brush my tongue down, and when I'm done I use a mouthwash (seeing if adding baking soda will help for whitening/stain prevention, as I'm not willing to brush my teeth with it either) to rinse my mouth out and remove any gross taste/bad breath. I should floss.. but I'm lazy lol.

Your water likely has some fluoride in it, which is probably more than enough to help with your teeth. If you go my route, just look for a fluoride-free rinse.

The only reason I am reluctant to try this is because of said enamel in my teeth.

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