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Occasional zit on chest

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So, I have a rather annoying problem. I'm male and suffered from acne since I was 21 (now almost 27). At 23 years I had moderate to severe acne on my face but I treated it with pharmacy products. 2 years ago I went to dermatologist because the acne was stubborn and I got skinoren and antibiotics prescribed. Those helped for a bit but after a few months I had my acne back and went on Accutane. Was on it for 8 months 40mg a day (I weigh 75 kilos). My face is now clear apart from red marks.

That's the background story. During these years every now and then (like every 3-6 months) I get a zit in the middle of my chest, not completely same spot each time but close. Now this might sound like a ridiculous thing to some, I mean who cares about one pimple? Well, the problem is every time this happens, the pimple starts out as small and takes about a week to grow into a big cyst before finally starting to fade. It looks really bad in the middle of my chest and it leaves a big visible red mark for months. So I wanted to ask:

a) How come the rest of my body is clear from acne but I get this huge pimple once every few months?

b) Why did Accutane not do anything for it? It cleared my face completely but I had 2 cysts during the course on my chest. This current one being 3 weeks after stopping tane.

c) Is it possible that laundry detergent or fabric softener is causing it?

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