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Accutane and Cholesterol

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Hello everyone!

I am 22 years old, and currently on my second month of accutane (30mg a day) I have done my first blood tests and everything came out ok, my liver and my triglycerids leves are fine but my cholesterol has sky rocketed! It went from 5 to 7.3 in the matter of a month! I am really scared that the derm will take me off treatment because of this. Has anyone had experiences with high cholesterol and accutane? Also, tomorrow morning I am having my second cholesterol test done, (that my family doctor is sending me) Should I skip my accutane pill tonight, will that help in my results? Any answers would be appreciated, thanks!

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Skipping the pill would help but that will do you no favors in the long run. The docs want to know what your values are while using the med, not skipping it. If the values remain high, you will be taken off of it. The risks are too high for clear skin. Think arteries clogged, heart attacks, etc.

But you CAN eat a more proper diet and exercise. That will help cholesterol. If you're already eating a proper diet and exercising then you may need a cholesterol lowering med if your doc allows you to continue on the isotretinoin.

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