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Guest DellHell

It always has to happen right before a big party/night out

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Guest DellHell

Warning: Whiny ass post ahead.

Yeah so my skin has improved considerably over the last two years thank god. It hasn't completely overcome acne but no longer do I get nasty cysts and pus filled zits are incredibly rare. I'd say I get something minor about every two weeks. Unfortunately the area that is now most prone to acne is my nose which we all know is the most embarrassing place to get spots.

So I've been clear for some time but out of nowhere I could feel something building beneath the skin and sure enough it turned into a papule by yesterday. Like an idiot I started pressing at it, squeezing out that clear liquid until it was no longer swollen. Yes I know this is a stupid thing to do and I've payed the price for it as now I have a huge red area on my fucking nose.

I'm such an idiot. I have a party to go to on Friday and I haven't seen these friends properly in like over a year. I'm now in no mood to go out because I look like freaking Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (something my friend called me once haha); like some sort of beacon of puberty shining stage centre of my face even though I'm 24 years old. I hate this fucking crap. The worst part is how much worse I made it; it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if I had just left it alone but nooooo, I just had to mess about. FML. [/rant]

Eh, well I'm trying to treat it at the moment by using Retin-A cream (applying directly on the spot). Tomorrow night I'll do it again, maybe even Wednesday night. On Thursday I'll use moisturizer which helps with redness and pray that on Friday morning the dead skin scrapes off revealing much clearer skin underneath (which when moisturized improves dramatically). I've done this successfully before, any of you ever tried this? What do you think are the chances of me having clear skin by Friday considering it's 11:57pm Monday right now for me?

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I freakin hate nose pimples, mine always go bright red and shiny so its always the worst. They usually go away in about 4-5 days at the most using a lot of BP however. Good luck

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