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I've completely CLEARED my acne!!!!

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I've been clear for nearly a month now and, I don't know if acne can go "into remission", so I'm assuming that I'm now clear. I used to have severe(ish) acne, took minocycline and my acne cleared and came back moderate/mild. Then my acne just wouldn't go away, I took every antibiotic under the sun. I did not take Roacc but I am not allowed to (nut allergy).

Several months ago, I spoke to a chinese herbalist woman, not about herbs, but about what the chinese believe causes acne. She told me that cold foods e.g. ice cream, melon (which i eat A LOT of) were the reason but I just laughed and ignored her advice.

So, I just decided to cut ice cream out of my diet - as it was winter and there's no need to overdose on chocolate ice cream. No change.

I then cut out melon (I used to eat melon at least 3 times a week), and weeks later, my face was becoming clearer. When my face was reasonably clear, I decided to eat some melon. And I had a massive breakout overnight. Every single spot was pus filled and they literally appeared overnight. I left melon alone and let the breakout heal. My skin became clear again.

I just did the melon test last week and the exact same thing happened. The breakout lasts 3-4 days and then leaves my skin clear. It's really weird.

I'm going to be doing the melon test again in about a month.

Btw, I do have an allergy to melon - confirmed by skin and blood tests. Melon just makes my throat and mouth itch, but I never knew that it could have an effect on my level of acne. and I am not taking any antibiotics.

Hopefully, this is the end of my acne!?

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hmm interesting. ive noticed that after i eat ice cream i have broken out before, i always thought it was the dairy in it. ill try cutting it out of my diet and seeing what happens

thanks for the insight

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It could also be the sugar content of the ice cream and melon. Larry Thiele has a really informative website about his experience with sugar-caused acne. I followed his (free) program and cut all refined sugar out of my diet and my skin cleared like %75. I can also break out a little bit from high concentrations of natural sugar like in watermelon.

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