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Mr Wobblytickle

Acne is controlling my life :(

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hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum just joined about 5 minutes ago :)

I felt this was the place to talk about this issue inconfidence, thank you.

Basically i have had skin problems for about 4 - 5 years now and i will admit it looks better than it did but it still has an iron grip on my life. 100% of the time it affects my decisions. Whether i meet up with friends, go to work etc I hate it to be honest. I feel like i'm not living. I feel like i'm in acne limbo and that i can't live to even a fraction of my potential until its completely gone. Somedays i can handle it and go about my day, just barely though, and other days i just look in the mirror and feel the confidence and self esteem drain from me. I just want to hide away at home most days. I've thought about suicide but i haven't attempted it. I have kept quiet about it up until recently and then i told my friends what the real problem was and they're understanding but don't see what i'm making a big fuss about. One of my friends said i'm hot but in my head that doesn't register with me, i just think about the acne. It just feels like a barrier that i can't pass.

I need to get my passport photo done soon so i have it in time to use as I.D to go to a gig with my friends but i don't want to carry around what i look like now as a form of I.D for he next ten years. Also a friend is coming back soon and will only be around for one weekend but i know i'm gonna back out because of my skin :( It's like an over-controlling partner. I'm suppose to be at work right now but i have had to lie and say i'm ill again and i hate myself for it because my boss is so good to me and hasn't fired me even though i have had lots of time off. I feel i should tell him what the real issue is but i'm too scared too if i'm being honest.

I'm trying my best to do something about this. I'm using quinoderm 5% strength bp and also im taking oxytetracycline tablets. Today is my fifth week on the tablets and the doctor said to give it at least three months to work so i'm gonna be patient in that sense.

I just needed to get this out in a safe and understanding environment where people can understand where i'm coming from, thank you for reading this and thank you for your time :)

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