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Has anyone used a tetracycline antibiotic after accutane

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I finished an 8.5 month course of accutane today, and although it cleared the acne I started with, it hasn't stopped new acne forming, and I now have mild acne (rather than severe which is how I started). I have finished the course with about 20 small red spots still. I would like to start an oral antibiotic, and have had success with oxytetracycline for mild acne in the past, but not sure how long I have have to wait after the end of the course.

Has anyone used a tetracycline antibiotic after Roaccutane and how long did you wait and was it successful?

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I was on roaccutaine when I was 16-17 (over 10 years ago) and remained spot free untill about 2 months ago.

I now have very mild acne (about 10 red spots around my jawline and on my forehead) at any one time, whereas before roaccutaine I have very severe acne over most of my face.

I became really worried when i started getting spots again after so long and visited my GP last month. She prescribed my lymacycline (which is an oral anti-biotic). I've been taking it for about 5 weeks now and its made a slight improvement to my skin, although i'm still getting new spots. She told me that the drug needs atleast a month to get into my system and to start working, so I'm giving it another 3 weeks and then considering my other options.

Before roaccutaine I tried other oral antibioatics with little effect so dont hold out much hope of them working for me this time. If you had sucess with antibiotics beofe roaccutaine, hopefully you will again.

Good luck,


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