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Best way to deal with facial heat rash?

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Mods, please move if this is in the wrong place.

After much detective work, I've finally narrowed it down. I'm not suddenly allergic to my favourite make-up: it's heat rash. I used to get it when I was a baby, and am suddenly getting it more now (I blame my university's abysmal heating system where one room is freezing and the other is sweltering, while outside is humid and inside is dry as heck)

Basically I'm getting a ring of breakouts/rash/tiny bumps around my lips, ranging from just under my nose to the bottom of my chin. This has happened several times a month, and it subsides after a few days, but the rash is very noticeable, and some of the bumps turn into full-blown pimples.

1) any recommended products for when I think I might be getting one, like some sort of wipe?

Sometimes just dressing down and drinking water isn't enough, or isn't possible, and people with very sensitive skin can just tell when they're about to break out. (It's also really difficult guaging how much moisturizer to use in the morning. The air conditioning inside is very dry to the point of cracked skin / chapped lips, but sudden sweating makes too much moisturizer gross)

2) I'm not sure I want to put regular make-up on when the rash is caused by sweat problems, I assume it would exacerbate it if I went back into the same envoronment. Any advice for covering without clogging?

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