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When can I start TTC'ing?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the boards, mainly to ask one question.

After I finish my course of Accutane (well, I'm on the generic one, starts with a C), when can I start trying for a baby?

History: I was on Accutane for about 2 yrs - 2006 to 2008. (I loved it and had great results! I looked perfect at my wedding!) I stopped in Feb 2008 and continued BCP. Then I stopped BCP and started to TTC.

I have a beautiful little girl and told myself that after I finish breastfeeding her I would go back on Accutane. And I did.

I'm on it now, it hasn't been long, only since June 2010 but I'm having a serious case of baby fever!! I want one now!!

I tried googling and I'm not getting any definitive answer. I searched this forum and I'm getting lots of different answers.

My first dermo didn't mention how long I had to wait after finishing Accutane. Actually, he probably did but I totally don't remember his answer.

My new dermo (I moved cities) says I have to wait a year!

So I'm curious, what did your doctor tell you?


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Oh yeah, I'm sorry if this has been discussed a million times before so if anyone can direct me to an old post, that would be great too.


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Have you asked your OB/Gyn? I do not know how long isotretinoin remains in the system and/or capable of causing birth defects.

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Gyn. does not require pregnancy for a visit......make one. That's your best bet. Otherwise, go by what your derm said. Why risk birth defects????

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