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Y'all will have to forgive me. I'm barely internet literate and have never been good figuring out these thread things (which means my question/curiosity might already have been addressed but I was unable to find it). I'm going to toss pride aside and be graphic--I apologize ahead of time.

I'm in my 30s, and until recently never really had a problem with acne. I mostly had typical "teen acne," I guess you could say, and then occasional flare-ups throughout the years--usually menstrual related. I have combination skin, but it's only my chin that breaks out. I do not put my hands or fingers on my face. (If you put the tips of your index fingers and thumbs together and then press the connected index fingers to your lips, you have an idea of what I mean by "chin.")

Unlike my typical flare-ups, which are usually an inflamed redness that eventually "eases" away, these pimples seem to have a black tip, though it's usually white, and if I squeeze them, it's a tiny, hard, cream-colored thing that comes out (just smaller than the size of a pinhead, and mostly firm); there's rarely any puss, clear liquid, or blood that would indicate, to me, an infection. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I actually dealing with "white heads"?

My mom developed acne in her 30s, too, and she always popped them and dug at her face (sometimes with a straight pin) so that now she has scars and pockmarks. I'm terrified of this happening to me! But it seems that if I don't squeeze these little pimple things and get that hard cream-colored thing out, it stays (for what seems indefinitely), slightly inflamed, and unaffected by any type of cleanser or treatment I use.

Any ideas about what I'm dealing with, or good approaches on HOW to deal with it? I've thought about going to a dermatologist, but my budget is tight, and doing so will have to be a last resort. Thanks to all who take the time to read this post, and special thanks to those who might respond!

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