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shaving and redmarks...hmmm

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Does shaving help get rid of redmarks any faster? I was just curious here because shaving does take off the very top layer of skin...if I'm not mistaken. So would that not help get rid of them quicker in the long run?

It probably doesn't, but it did intrigue me.

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I thought of that as well. Sure thing (at least that's the case with my face, but probably happens to everybody) is that the area that has hair is almost always unaffected by acne and quite perfect in texture.

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it'll only get less affected if you've got a full grown THICK facial hair. those with the teenie facial hair will probably breakout even worse after shaving. smile.gif

but yeah I agree with you. for some odd reason the facial hair area is the less affected area by acne.

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For many women, the area where men grow a beard is the worst place for hormone realted breakouts.

It seems to have something to do with irregular levels of testoterone (also for teenage boys), such as during pregnancy when hormones fluxuate a lot.

This is my problem, bad pregnancy related breakouts, hormone related.

I get it worst on my cheeks, but also on the jaw line sometimes.

I would think that shaving, for anyone, could be beneficial if the razor were totally new and clean and the skin was immediately disinfected post shaving.

My husband uses low % mint alcohol after he shaves, but he has pretty oily skin, so he doesn't get over dried by that.

He has very nice skin and crazy thick, course hair.

I would think this would be a bad idea if there were any active breakouts/wounds.

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