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Hi, I'm Lindsay, I'm 28 and I've had acne for about six years. I had amazing skin when I was a teenager, but it all went to shit when I stopped taking the pill.

When I was 22, I found out I had a blood clotting issue and my dr told me not to take oral contraceptives. I came off the pill and started getting spots almost immediately.

I'm lucky because my acne is mild, but I get huge, painful cysts on my chin a couple of times a month (usually around my period).

They tend to stay beneath the skin but are always huge, usually bright red/ sore and always leave dark red scars even when I don't pick at them (I touch my face far too much but am trying to stop).

I have blackheads on my nose and white bumps on my chin. From time to time I also get big, pus-filled spots around my mouth or between my eyebrows.

Like everyone with acne, my skin REALLY gets me down and I'd love to be confident enough to go out without concealer.

I've tried loads of products and oral antibiotics with no luck but eventually got clear(ish) thanks to expensive dermo treatments. I did a course of spironolactone and used cetaphil, lincomycin (topical antibiotic) and neostrata oily skin solution aha lotion plus fortnightly neostrata 70 % gycolic acid peels.

This worked ok but I'd still get big breakouts and it didn't get rid of the red scaring until I did a course of cool touch laser treatments. They worked well on the active acne and the scaring

but cost a fortune ( I shudder to think how much I've spent on my skin).

I'm back living in England now (I had the treatments in Australia) and working a crappy temp job so can't afford to see a dermo anymore. I also can't get anyone to prescribe me lincomycin (the topical antibiotic the dr here gave me made me breakout like crazy) so I'm gonna give dan's regimen a go.

I ordered everything from the site but while I'm waiting for the products to arrive I'm using:

Cetaphil cleanser

Panoxyl bp

Aqueous cream moisturizer

(I bought a clean and clear oil free moisturizer but it burned when I used it so I switched to the aqueous cream cause it's really gentle. I'm not sure if it's good for acne prone skin but Its the only thing I found that didn't sting like crazy.

Going to start today, thanks for listening and here's to getting clear skin on the cheap! Xxx

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So I've got thru my first week on the regimen and I'm feeling pretty positive.

When I started I had:

A huge red cyst on my chin which had been around for a few days

Another cyst in my upper lip which was starting to scab

A small, but painful one brewing near the corner of my mouth

A strange hard pink lump where my nose meets my face which was incredibly sore. I don't

usually get spots there and it felt like it was going to be massive

Loads of red marks from old acne, mainly on my chin and between my eyebrows

And now:

Amazingly the one near my nose didn't surface. It hurt like hell but never really showed through the skin and stayed slightly pink rather than bright red like they normally do.

I still have the mountain on my chin and it's being very stubborn. It was hard and red to start off with but filled with pus every few days and tended to ooze (bleurgh!) when I cleansed or applied the BP no matter how gentle I treated it. Luckily it's starting to scab over now but it still doesn't look very nice.

I think the others and some of the red marks from old acne are fading but it's hard to tell because my skin is hella dry and flakey. It was fine for the first couple of days, then suddenly went red and got very dry, sore and itchy. My face 'cracked' and looked scaley and wrinkely (not a good look but better than spots)!

I read the advice on the website which said this is normal and to try jojoba oil to counteract the flakes. It's quite hard to get in the UK but I eventually found some in a Holland and Barrett health food store (I'm still waiting for my delivery of Dan's products).

I was terrified to put oil on my acne prone skin but it hasn't made me break out (yet) and it has certainly made my skin less dry. It hurt when I rubbed it in to begin with but it's much better now and the flakes are starting to disappear.

So overall I'm pretty happy and looking forward to receiving my 'official' products and finally getting good skin.

Hope everyone else is having success.


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