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final verdict on smoothbeam

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OK there been so much talk about smoothbeam. I need the final conclusion if this worth doing or not because im considering it. I've read the 114 pages and it seems some people have good results and some have not.. I have rolling typre scars that are not to deep and disappaer when the skin is stretched..

So if anybody has good or bad thing to say about it let me know sinse the majority of poeple on the smoothbeam page are not there any more and if you have not had this done please dont bother postin neagative comments on the procedure

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I think with any procedure its going to work for some, but not others.

Obi thinks that needling might work better for his scars (I think he had 5 done and didn't think it was worth it), but there was one woman who was showing improvement on her minimal scarring after 2 treatments.

I'm just going in for my 4th treatment, and the only thing I've noticed is that I'm not really getting large pimples any more. The ones that I do get clear up overnight with the use of Dan's BP gel.

I've gotten more hyperpigmentation from this laser which I knew I would after the first treatment, and yet I've continued with it because I figure I can do peels to get rid of the brown marks.

I'm going to do a series of at least 5-6. At the very least they have helped control my breakouts, and I guess that is worth it for me.

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Hey Dermadude,

This is sort of off-topic, but I was wondering if you know what Dr. Zelickson here in Minneapolis is known for. I'm just curious what this one is going to recommend to me. His website mentions lasers for scar removal, which right away turns me off, but perhaps he uses it for other types of scars. What do you know??? I found his name several times in an academic jounal database. He has been published on various cosmetic surgery issues. It seems that he works for the University of Minnesota too. Anything else that you know?



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Most people won't see any improvement until after 4 treatments.......in one person's case, he said he saw no improvments until after his 5th treatment. So, while I'm a little disappointed that I'm only seeing oil reduction, I'm not ready to give it up yet because I have only had 3. Also, since I am older (34) it will take longer for the laser to stimulate collagen for me.

My doctor wouldn't even excise my chicken pox scars on my forehead until I've had 6 because he's hoping to get a smaller linear scar this way. If I'm still not satisfied with my ice picks/scarred pores after 6, I'm gonna have Dr. P do TCA Cross on them.

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