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So, I've been on this two weeks. No complaints yet.

My derm told me that one effect of using this would be to shrink my oil glands so I would secrete less oil.

Obviously, since I've been on it two weeks, I'm not expecting results yet. But, I am curious to see if anyone who has used this the standard 12 weeks, if this did reduce their oil production.

This is my biggest problem so if I can expect less oil, then great.

Thanks for the help!

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Ive been on Tazorac for about 2 months. In my experience Tazorac wont make your skin any less oily or more oily. My skin pretty much stayed the same in that regard.

The main effect that Tazorac seems to have on my skin is that it causes the dead skin on my face to peel off, leaving fresh new skin underneath. Initially I had some mild irritation but that has subsided now that my skin has become accustomed to the medication. Right now my skin looks and feels the best that it has in a long time.

My acne was not that bad before I started taking the Tazorac so its hard for me too say when it really started working. I would say that after the second week is when things started to take a positive turn. Right now I am pleased to say that my face is completely clear.

Overall I am very happy with the way the Tazorac is working. I have used Differin before and it caused a lot a of irritation and inconsistant results. Tazorac has reaffirmed my faith in topical acne medications. I would recommend it to anyone.

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I was on tazorac .1% for sometime, and I have very oily skin. I noticed it did nothing to reduce my oil secretion.

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