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So here's my situation. My derm prescribed me a 90 pill supply of accutane. He gave me 2 options: 1) take one pill per day for 3 straight months and see what happens OR 2) take 1-2 pill2 per WEEK so the 90 pill supply can last 1-2 years. The reason he gave me the latter option is because I have been on accutane twice before. However, both times, I only took 60 day supply. The first time, I took 2 straight months and stopped because of some insurance problems. My face was clear for 3 months after my last dosage. After the acne returned, I tried accutane again. And again, it was for a 2 months supply but spread out over a 3.5-4 month period (1 every other day). And once again, after 3 months, the acne has returned. So now, I am here. What do you guys think I should do? Take 3 straight months and hopefully it goes away forever OR save the pills and take them slowly (because I paid cash for it). If anybody can help, i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Guest agentx

dood uve gotta take it for 6 months imo. The longer the course the better the results. I havent heard of anyone being put on it for 2 months :/

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Well, like I said, the first time I did it for 2 months was because of some insurance conflicts. After the 2 months was up, my face was clear so I decided not to get anymore because I would have had to pay cash. After I broke out again, I decided I wanted to pay cash for it but my derm only prescribed 2 months worth and told me tot ake it every other day so it would last me approx 4 months. And now, my 3rd visit to the derm, I told him I wanted a full course but he said according to my weight, I can only take up 90 pills at once (I weigh approx 140lbs) So that's when he gave me my option, either take once a day for 3 straight months and hopefully it'll go away forever (which I doubt) or take them slowly and hopefully that way, I can control it. But I don't see a greater positive for either option. I'm stuck.

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you have to be on it for at least 6 months to get the best results.. i've been clear since the beginning of june (just past my 2 month mark on accutane) but i my derm is going to keep me on it.. he just perscribed me my 5th month.. he said that if you stop too soon.. then the chances of your acne returning is much higher.. so i would suggest that you get your derm to keep you on for at least 5-6 months.. then your results will last much longer.. maybe even forever..

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*please move this post to the correct forum. I posted in the wrong one, sorry.*

but as i was saying, my derm wouldn't allow past 90 pills. I asked him but he said according to my weight, that's the most I could take. I weigh 140lbs but I didn't think that should matter. I can't just overrule my derm either so i was pretty annoyed by that.

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