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bad blood results for accutane - self-starting

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Just wondering if anyone has ever actually been rejected from accutane due to abnormal blood test results, or if you know anyone that has. The whole blood proccess seems to be a fairly routine non-issue but im curious.

I was on acc a few years ago, cleared up perfectly, now spots are creaping back in and I still have 70 x 20mg tablets left from last time that dont expire untill march 2005. Im V tempted to go 20mg a day till they run out, would most likely nip my arrising problem in the bud before it flurishes.

My doc would go mental if she knew obviously but needs must. She actually said they wouldnt give me it again officially as the spots are very mild.... FOR NOW.... She prescribed oxytetracycline but i went on that before the acc a few years ago and it was useless so forget that.

I can imagine any problems from self-starting on the pills I have left but as soon as i crack open the orange box memories of old flood back and I think.. here we go again.

anyone ever done similar?


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above I meant 'can'T' imagine any problems' BTW, rather than 'can'

Im 22, was last on acc at 19ish.

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I seriously doubt 20mg a day will cause any problems if you refrain from using other prescription drugs that are metabolized by the liver and drinking.

I'm not condoning it, but you should be fine if you choose to do this.

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