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Help Me With Products For The Regimen? I'm Going Shopping Today!

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So far I'm only using a Face Purifier from a small natural line that is very natural and gentle, not for acne, Dan's BP, and a little Vitamin E oil on my face because I ran out of moisturizer.

So, I'm going to purchase products today, so I'm thinking...

Face Purifier

Dan's BP

Rotate between Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA and Cetaphil Moisturizer with 3-5 drops of Jojoba oil in.

Sound good?

My skin is clearing up so well and so quickly, but it is dry. I was "following" the regimen but using a bad BP product that dried white, so I bought Dan's BP and I love it, so I've been on this "official" regimen for a little over two weeks now, and I'm nearly completely clear! I'm loving it.

I just need a moisturizer to take care of flakes, dryness, scales..etc.

That is all I need to know.

Do you think this regimen sounds good?

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Keep in mind that you're not supposed to add in any AHA products until your skin is adjusted to the full recommended amount of BP.

For now, I'd recommend skipping the Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA, and just using the Cetaphil and jojoba oil.

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Well I've been on the regimen for about six or seven weeks now, and I'm really completely clear minus some on my chin and scarring.

So, can I do the lotion?

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Ah, I didn't realize you'd been on The Regimen that long. In that case, it should be okay to add in an AHA product. : )

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Sorry about the post above this in the forums but I had a few more specific questions about it and wanted to post it to the whole boards and find out more about all that; didn't know if it would be considered double-posting.

Thank you for responding!

Edited by Yvieve

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