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Help me pick a moisturizer - Details inside

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I've been using Duac and Minocycline for about a year now. I have been pretty clear, with the occasional breakout of around 4 pimples at a time. However, I have had lots of problems with picking a moisturizer. I used Neutrogena Moisture for Sensitive Skin for a long time, and would be fine sometimes but would occasional develop really flaky, dry skin.

Around June I switched over to Eurcerin's Daily Moisturizer (I can't remember the exact name, its the SPF 15 that everyone seems to love). This stuff was GREAT at moisturizing, all my flakes were gone within a few days. However, my friends started remarking on how pale I started to look. I have fair skin normally, and I think that either the Neutrogena has been giving me a bit of a tan or the Eurcerin is peeling off the skin that normally gives me some tone (as it has an exfoliant).

I then started using Neutrogena's SPF 15 moisturizer. I got less pale, but this stuff does not moisturize nearly as well as the Eucerin and I have found myself only applying Duac in a few, non-dry spots (namely my chin).

I'm looking for a moisturizer that moisturizes better than the Neutrogena, and that does not have any SPF. I am not in the sun very much, so I think the SPF in the eucerin or neutrogena might be making me pale. Any help would be great!

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Well, basically Neutrogena also sells moisturizers that don't have spf. SPF is important IMO. About being pale.. Don't you think it's your natural skin tone?

If you use cetaphil liquid wash, a regular moisturizer such as neutrogena moisturizers will do.

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Well, I definetly have pale skin naturally, but just a little sun exposure usually gives me some color.

And I dont mean to sound overly vein, but when I say pale, I mean like WHITE. People actually remarked about it.

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me too. a lot of people have commented on me being pale, and i'm on the darker side of asian (not dark dark, but not olive skin either). thing is i never ever burn, so i'm laying off the spf for a little while, get some color back in me, cuz my skin looks like crap without that tone.

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