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Doh Coff

Accutane Long Term Effects. Still existant?

As a little background to start off with, I've had acne for about 20 months now and have been on various medications as soon as I started breaking out in the beginning of 2009.

I've used several treatments ever since I started getting breakouts. (Cheeks, sides of forehead, upper and mid back, shoulders, upper chest)

I used OTC Salycic Acid products, ProActive, Differen, Benzoyl Peroxide/Clindamycin (BenzaClin), Retin-A Micro, and lastly, Minocyclin

None of these drugs were very effective, although BenzaClin and Retin-A did help with acne scars.

I saw a Derm for the first time (i got the other prescriptions and evaluations from my general practitioner) a few days ago and he thinks I should go on Accutane.

Now this is the part Im scared out of my mind about. I read so many articles, posts,blogs, etc online about people who had LONG TERM side effects way after (10-20 years) they finished Accutane. Some of the problems listed include Osteoarthritis, joint and muscle weakness, depression, dry lips and eyes, lethargy, weight gain or loss.

However, most of these long term effects I mentioned were experienced by people who took Accutane in the 80s and 90s.

Im wondering if these long term effects are things to worry about now, because as far as ive been told, the iPledge programs and procedures involved (monthly blood tests, liver tests, etc) make taking Accutane much more regulated. Or im wondering if there are any figures/data that shows how many accutane patients experience these effects. My Derm says its perfectly safe as long as I follow instructions and listen to my body, but im still skeptical.

Any info/thoughts is appreciated.

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I would hope that you have cystic acne otherwise I would try something elese. Yes theese side effects still exist and the stories are out there (along w/postive ones) and can be real for many of us. Does that mean the side effects will happen to you NO, but they can. Some will say they are rare, possibly due to how many have taken accutane. Really there are no satistics to base it off of, though if you live in the U.S. you can request from the FDA a copy of reported side effects, but then you have to take in to account how many report side effects and well Accutane is sold around the world.

FYI- The lab work only checks for liver function and white blood count. It is not going to tell you if you developing brain, bone, muscle/ joint, bowel etc..problems.

Since you probably will take accutane I suggest No more then 20-40mg....I wish you the best of luck

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Thanks for the quick reply. I did a little more research. One of the physicians assistants at my dermatologist's clinic said she can count on her two hands how many people experienced any SEVERE/crippling joint/back/muscle pain and depression and they prescribed accutane to 10,000

thanks again.

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You'l be fine on accutane.. If you want to be extra safe don't go on a dose above 40mg really. Especially if your acne isn't THAT bad. I was on 80mg a day for about 5 months.. I'm now done with my course as of a while ago and my skin is great :]

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Pretty much everything that oli girl said.

I don't think they're rare, but the majority of users have a positive experience with the drug.

Maybe 20% have a negative experience. That's a lot for taking some medicine. Again, that's purely anecdotal, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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