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My Diet Plan - Helped So Much!

Hey everyone, I'm new to this website and have been using it for a while as a great source of info and personal experiences to help me through my struggle.

Finally signed up today to let everyone know what's been helping me so much recently. The following foods/drinks I have been consuming regularly over the past 5 days since I started a little dietary experiment:

- Rooibos Tea (look it up , seriously its great)

- Cod Liver Oil

- Strawberries

- Kiwi Fruit

- Tomatoes

- Red/Orange/Yellow Peppers

- Olives

- Tuna fish

And I have completely 100% cut out the following:

- Red meat

- Alcohol

- Cigarettes

- Refined carbs i.e. bread, pasta etc that is not wholemeal

- Chocolate and sweets

To be honest, I haven't had the worst case of acne ever. It's just been moderate, very very persistant and I felt it would never stop. Sticking to these foods and cutting out the bad ones have helped me immensely, and I will continue to use this system as it shows no sign of making my skin 100% clear.

Try it yourself :)

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Call me a stickler, but I refuse to believe that red meat breaks people out.

Of course, by red meat I mean NO HORMONES/ANTIBIOTICS/fREE-RANGE/VEGETARIAN FED/ETC red meat. Not the crap you get in your normal supermarket that's loaded with everything you're supposed to be avoiding. It's my guess that if anyone is breaking out from red meat, it's probably because you're getting the wrong kind.

I don't even like the taste of red meat much but I never avoid it because I've seen it do much more good to my skin (and hair) than I've seen it do harm.

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