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Does accutane still work after you stop takin pills?

Hi I'm at my 6th month of accutane. It worked well; my cheek and body acne are completely gone! However, my NOSE is still the problem. My blackheads completely went away and stuff but still, old, flat, uninflamed cysts are still there. Also, I got one cyst that isn't flat, but just WONT go away. I don't think accutane will get rid of it in time....I had if for months, even 4 cortisone shots didn't get rid of it!

SO my question is, will accutane still work for me after the treatment, even though I'm not taking the pills??? I asked my doc and she didn't seem too worried at all and said it will continue working b/c my pores will be different or something

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Yes, yes and yes :surprised:

In my case it actually worked better when I stopped taking the accutane. I was never clear while taking it. I still have a little bump that I can feel under the skin from a cyst I got at the end of taking accutane but its so small I cannot even feel it and its getting smaller.

As for red marks etc they took a few months to fade noticeably when I stopped taking accutane. But now my skin looks great. Only had a few small spots. I still use retin-a at night, but i'm happy with that. At least i'm clear. Don't worry it will work even if it doesn't seem like it now.

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I wanted to revive this thread. I am almost done with my treatment.. in middle of month and potentially want to go to month 6..

I am a lot better but I still got these jawline acne.. and I was hoping treatment would continue to work after treatment..

any comments would be great!

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