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I am in the same situation too. Thanks for posting this thread, it was brave of you & helps to feel that you're not alone in this problem.

I've been 'addicted' to make-up since I was 15 (now I'm 38) - even during my clear periods, I still always wore make up every day, never let anyone see me without it. Going to derms and so on for treatment is a bit traumatic, as I have to take the foundation off!

I also haven't let my boyfriend of 6 months see me without make up and don't talk about my skin problems, but I know he knows sort of thing (how could he not notice a bad breakout). He accepts it, doesn't seem to mind, but then again...he's never seen me barefaced!!

I dont know when/if I will ever be able to trust him enough to remove make up at bedtime. It really is awful though, such a hassle. I generally don't see him for more than 2 nights in a row and means I don't sleep properly and have to get up quickly in the morning and 'sort my face out'... ugh. We're going on a week long holiday next month, I'm just praying that I don't have any more bad breakouts!

Anyway, I'm in UK too and found a mineral make up seller on Ebay, who does very pure mineral make-up (no irritants or additives), which I think is OK to sleep in and stays on pretty well. The only ingredients are just pure minerals, such as zinc, which is actually anti-inflammatory and good for acne...she also does one especially for oily and acne skin with pearl powder in.

I have even been using the oily skin kaolin and zinc finishing powder as an overnight spot treatment!

Not sure if she does make up for darker skin, but she is very helpful if you email and you can get custom-blended foundation and small samples, so you can try before you buy. Her prices are very reasonable too.

The seller is called ReturnAllHealth (also she has a website if you google it), I'm sure she could help, good luck.

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