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can you help me with visualization?

okay so ive been reading up on visualization, not just for zits, but for life in general. i want it to work! and i believe i can, but i feel like im not doing it right.

as i understand it, youre supposed to get a clear enough picture in your mind that it tricks your subconsious into thinking its real, and clearing you up.

the only problem is that i try, but i have a hard time getting a clear picture, and i dont know if my subconsious believed it or not.

has anyone had any luck? and if you have, can you help me get it right? i need all the help i can get


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Visualization takes practice. At first, you may just have to pretend that you're seeing things clearly (after all, what is visualization but pretending to "see" something with your mind's eye?).

Try sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet room, and just focus on your breathing for a while. Feel the air going in and out of your body. Tell your body to relax. Start at your feet. Relax your toes. Then relax your feet. Then your calves. Then your shins. Then your thighs. Then your lower back. Feel the relaxation wrap around to your tummy, and rise up to your chest. Relax your upper back and shoulders. Relax your upper arms, then your lower arms. Relax your hands and fingers. Relax your neck, and let the relaxation creep up the back of your head, over your scalp, and down your forehead. Relax your eyes. Relax your jaw.

Once you're relaxed, and focused on your breathing, start to develop a picture in your mind. It may not be clear at first. The more times you do this exercise, the clearer the picture will become. If your mind starts to wander, just imagine those thoughts being wiped away, like chalk from a chalkboard, and bring yourself back to the image you're trying to visualize.

Visualization doesn't always come easily. I do it as a part of my spirituality, and even after years of practice, I sometimes have a hard time visualizing exactly what I want to. My mind still wanders. But I've gotten much better at it than I was when I started. Be patient with yourself. Nothing unfocuses the mind like self-doubt. ; )

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