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Hello all! This regimen was tested on 6 Men and 4 women with severe CYSTIC ACNE. The Regimen you are about to read was carefully formulated by me. I am in pharmacy school and have used Acne meds for over 12 years now! This Regimen is meant for people with Moderate--->Severe acne, including cystic acne!

It will take roughly 8-12 weeks to take effect, but results WILL be seen within 2 weeks of proper treatment.Please follow it to the letter if possible, and see how this regimen will change your life dramatically! It is also formulated to reduce redness and swelling, while fighting acne on 3 fronts! Bacteria-Wise, Exfoliation Wise, Oil production-wise. This is the only way to Combat severe cystic acne! Take control of your life and succeed with the Smoothbeam Regimen!

Here are the materials you will need to get started:

1-Sulphur bar soap. (froogle.com)

2-BP 2.5% gel (Acne.org)

3-Neutrogena oil free moisturizer (can substitute, but this was studied)(drugstore)

4-Neutrogena oil free FACIAL moisturizer w/GLYCOLIC ACID AHA(read label!)

(if your sensistive, you can use Neutrogena sensitive skin AHA)

(AHA is Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid) it comes in 2.5 ounce container.

5-Hydrocortisone Cream .5% (brand preferred, generic acceptable)(drugstore)

6-Vitamin E oil (pure) 28,000 IU (Drugstore) for topical

7-Aveeno Shave gel with natural Soy

8-Your choice of razor (Men only)(Mach 3 turbo used in 12 week study).

======================LET'S BEGIN=======================

Step one: Mixing your monthly dosage.

1-Place 40 grams Hydrocortisone cream (.5%) in a glass bowl.

2-Add 60 grams Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) gel

3-add 120 grams Neutrogena oil free moisturizer(or your pick)

4-Mix until looks as smooth as possible. (Takes about ten minutes to do well).

This can be stored at room tempersture in a cool and dark location.



1-Place 35 grams Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5% gel) in bowl.

2-Add 70 grams Neutrogena FACIAL (AHA GLYCOLC ACID) moisturizer.

3-Mix thoroughly until smooth (takes about ten minutes to do well).



Begin EACH day with a hot shower (this was tested and Temp made no impact).

1-Allow hot water to fall upon face/body and assist in opening pores.

2-Wash your Hair and non-acne body areas as usual

4-Cleanse with Sulphur bar soap on Face, Back/Shoulders, Butt(if needed)..etc..

(Work into a lather and allow to sit and compound it for at least 2-4 minutes to work INTO open pores.)

5-Wash of remaining Sulphur soap THOROUGHLY....

6-PAT Dry with Clean towel upon exiting shower..(Gentle.Gentle)

7-Allow 10 minutes of Air-Dry time for pores to completely dry out.

8-Apply a THIN film of your daytime formula to ALL areas of acne activity

(Include surrounding areas that may/may not be broken out in.if suceptible)

This formula will take 10-30 minutes to Absorb/Dry properly.

'>==============NOW YOUR READY FOR THE DAY!!=================

A word on Shaving!

-------------------------MEN ARE TO SHAVE EVERY OTHER DAY-------------------------

Be sure to shave IN the shower with a mirror and use as little pressure as possible!

MEN!--do one stroke shaving, Confidently, and WITH the flow of hair!

This should be done first thing in shower before cleansing skin/hair!

1-Please do try the Aveeno Natural Soy Gel as it was tested and gave less irritation/nicks than any other. (It smells good too!).

2-Wet face with hot water to soften beard

3-use thick layer of Aveeno Soy gel and allow to sit for 3-5 minutes to soften hair.

4-Use confident strokes one-two times WITH grain of hair please!

5-wash off Aveeno and proceed back to shower directions.

'>==================NIGHT TIME ROUTINE!!====================

1-End each day with a HOT shower!

2-Wash Hair/Non-Acne areas as usual

3-Use Sulphur Bar wash on Face,Chest/Shoulders, butt(if needed), all prone areas.

Work into lather for 3-5 mins and compound into open pores.

4-Wash off thoroughly and exit shower

5-PAT yourself dry gently with clean towel.

6-Allow 10 mins to dry out pores completely

7-Apply THIN film of the night time formulation and allow 30 mins to absorb.

This should be the last thing you do before bedtime.....

--------------------------WHAT ABOUT THE VITAMIN E OIL?----------------------------

It was found between 6 Men and 4 Women that Application of small dabs of Pure oil Directly onto Healing lesions, reduced redness faster when in combo with this regimen.

Feel free to apply small dabs of Pure Vitamin E Oil DIRECTLY onto old Lesions and allow time to absorb. If this is to oily for you, Blot off after 20-30 mins and you can still reap some benefit from the Vitamin E oil. Use 1-2 times daily morning and night!=====================================================

I hope you all can use this to your advantage as it is mainly for people who need an alternative to the regimen, or just want clearer skin than the original Regimen has to offer.

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What a cool approach. Any chance you could type up a "what to expect" post..

Btw how do you measure out grams with the creams and stuff.. ?!

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Sorry, I was just editing the post. EACH OUNCE CONTAINS 28.5 grams. Okay?

This regimen will blast away the Clarity you can achieve with the original Regimen, as it tackles the problem in a gentle way on all 3 fronts.GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.!!

Smoothbeamin... B)

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You said this was tested on 6 men and 4 women with cystic acne, but you never mentioned WHAT was the outcome. Are there any before and after pictures we could see?

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let mortal combat begin!!

hehe, if you post pictures of those who tried it out, it would be more encouraging! biggrin.gif

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It looks like Dan's regimen to me.

You use the bar (ok, its sulphur, so what), you use 2.5% bp, you use moisturizer with GA.

The only thing that seems to be different is the cortisone cream. (Haven't heard about this part?)

Are the cortisones against the cysts or what?? Or is that against inflammation???

Anyway, you claim to be such an expert, what do you think about retinoids???? I'm using differin now (togheter with a lactic acid wash with zinc in it). Followed by aloe vera. Its only a night regimen, but i'm getting decent results.

What do you think would be best against superficial acne? I get these little whiteheads, bp doesnt seem to help so i've started with differin, although i heard that tazorac is a little better (and more harsh to the skin).

Advantage of retinoids: works against inflammation, thins out upper layer of skin, less sebum production (thats what they claim), and it cleans out the pores (the vit A-acid eats the plugs).

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LOL..Somehopeleft is a trip nd i understand wanting to keep it simple. My regimen is for people who want to AVOID accutane though. It is really a last resort regimen for those with moderate---->severe acne. The hydrocortisone is the Anti-inflammatory and will help to restore a more even skin tone and reduce Cystic activity. At the same time it synergistically works with the BP and GA for an overall effect. This was carefully planned for nd seems to be VERY effective. It requires more work though than Dan's regimen, but will have a more lasting effect. So far all subjects who cleared are still clear 6 weeks after the 12 week Trial phase. That's not too shabby eh? I have nothing to gain from this except that I want to see and hear stories about my regimen helping others..

Smoothbeamin.. cool.gif

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Lemme tell you what regimen my doc has me on now.....

Differin at night, Topical clindamycin in morning. I take oral Doxycycline 2 times a day 100mg. I wash with Sodium Sulfacetamide/Sulphur 5%--PLEXION cleanser.

Crazy huh? I thought so to and wanted to mimic this effet the best i could because I was so amazed at the results. Not everyone has 200 dollars a month (With Insurance) to pay for these Meds though. So i wated something that would be as close to this effect as possible. (minus the oral anti of course). What I created works Synergistically and needs to be followed to a tee. It has been tested at lower levels and higher as well. What was found is that optimum results were achieved at the prescribed levels above. I amm almost finished with my RX regimen and will be saving 200$ a month and going on my own creation in about one week. I look forward to it.

Smoothbeamin.. cool.gif

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