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Hello .... I have been using the Dan Regim for like 5 days or so .... but before I have been using the Clearasil 10% bp ..... well... but now I am using the 2.5% neutrogena ... anyway .... biggrin.gif I experience like little red and try skin... ??? is it the way it should be ... ?? and like how many weeks or days it should be have normal color skiN??? <_<

Anyone who is on the Dan regime .... approximately take how many weeks or days to get normal skin ... >>>>?????? or result ???? :think::whistle:

Thanks and hope you guys answers .... ???

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Well I'm not Dan, but my two cents is this:

Red/dry skin to a degree is normal, however if it's really noticable you may wish to cut down on the amount of BP you are using. It's important to work up the dose gradually as outlined in the Regimen Docs, secondly it's really important to use a one of the recommended moisturizers (I use Cetaphil Dail Facial Moisturizer), as this should keep your skin properly hydrated, and keep the irritation down to a minimum.

You should notice the irritation reducing by the end of the second week. Might seem like a while, but since it's summer as most people will just assume you have a sun burn smile.gif.

How long does it take to clear up? Well, depends on the person (I hate answers like that), but check out this page for the official answer. You should notice results pretty quick (2-3 weeks), this isn't one of those "you'll look like hell for 5 weeks before you notice any improvement" kind of acne cures.

Try to stick it out, the results are worth it. I'm on week 6 now and I've got perfectly clear skin for the first time in maybe 10 years!

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:lol: Hello .. thank you Din and Dan .. well.. I will like to stick with the regime for a while and then see result .. surely .. hehe tongue.gif

anyway ... my mind is think that if Dan's regime work for most people .. It will work for me either . B)

and also .. I have been in it for one week... I don't really see result .. so will it work for me ????

anyway .... I already told my mom and my cousin to use it ... haha :lol::o

I am 16 and I have pimples for 1 year ... well ,, it;s not severe .. just much of the little pimples and some whitehead.... but I hope that the regime will work for me and give me a clear skin . thank god .. and Dan's regime too... :pray: :redface2:

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