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Best Vitamin Supplement Brand?

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Right now, I'm on 1200 mg Fish Oil and 500 mg vitamin C twice a day, both made by Nature Made. However, i know that the supplement industry isn't regulated, so I'm kind of worried that I might just be wasting my money. So what are the brands that you guys use and have seen results from, or can personally recommend?

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There is an amazing brand in Canada called Genuine Health. They have a huge highly respected name here and are available in the states as well.

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Life Extension is the best, but I'm finishing up the rest of this GNC stuff before I completely transition over to that brand exclusively. You get what you pay for.

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Hmm, I honestly didn't know the brand mattered. Kinda like buying the same-looking shirt from Target rather than Gucci - they're the same. But just different names /made by different companies.

I normally buy Spring Valley's vitamins (from Wal-Mart.) But I don't want to be buying them if they're no good. :think: Anyone a vitamin expert on here? haha

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I take multivitamins with Iron from Boots here in the UK.

MoussakaChaos That's Kurt right! lol at his pose in the picture! My fav' band when I was 11> still like them.

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For fish oil, it's probably Carlson's. Life-Extension was also mentioned and their a good reputable company. Not sure on Vitamin-C, but there are a few good bulk sources out there or you could just use acerola.

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