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HELP-advice please-week 8 of Differin

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Hi all,

I have been using Differin 0.1% gel for the last 8 weeks and taking oral lymecyline. I am just so fed up this week. I was hoping by now that my skin would be starting to clear up but it seems to be getting worse. I was hopeful last week as although I was breaking out everyday the pimples were small, not too inflamed and seemed to heal quickly (although leaving lots of red marks). I still had really oily skin and enlarged pores so was hoping to speed things up. I saw that people are using Duac with the differin. I am in the UK and wasn't sure if I could get that here so I decided to add in BP (5%) as that is in Duac. I used it for 2 days in the morning and differin at night. Today is the third day and my skin is really sore and dry. I have also got 5 larger almost cyst sized pimples that are painful.

I was hoping someone could make me feel better about this! I know it can take up to 3 months for the differin to work but thought by week 8 things might be starting to improve not getting worse still. Should I lay off the BP? Unsure whether the differin is too weak and whether I should try a different retinoid? (I have not seen a derm so far and been getting prescriptions from my family doctor who can't prescribe any higher dosage of differin, or accutane). Anyone used differin and still been this bad at week 8? Anyone tried differin then switched to a different retinoid and had better results? Please help!

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I've been using differin .3% for the past 4-5 months. I started out using BP with it and it's VERY drying. I suggest switching the BP for an extra gentle wash. Also, make sure you're moisturizing along with the differin.

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Hey, i just finished 12 weeks of differin/duac combination .. but i had minimal results, and wasnt satisfied, so now starting an accutane course.

From around weeks 2-10, i broke out consistently, didnt have 1 clear day at all. With week 7 actually being my WORST week. After week 10, my breakouts seemed to slow down a LITTLE.

But after i finished over 12 weeks of it, only saw minimal results and wasnt clear, my derm was prepared to me on accutane.

Everyone is different, some people ive heard got 100% clear off it, but not me.. also, i found if i applied too much Duac cream in the morning, my face would be a bit red and irritated in afternoon.. (could be whats happening with your BP you're applying).

Anyway, i recommend going the full 12 weeks with differin, otherwise you'll never know for sure. Then after 12 weeks, re-evaluate - maybe see a derm if you want - and try another treatment (possibly accutane if you and your derm feel you need it) ..

Whatever decision you make, good luck!

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Hi thanks for your replies. I have switched my cleanser and moisturizer to cetaphil and reduced the BP to 2.5%. My skin is less angry today so hopefully it will calm down. I will try and persevere with the 12 weeks of Differin- like you say I gotta give it chance to work before I give up.

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If your doc can prescribe Duac I would really recommend it, it's worked well for me. Also the switch to gentler products is a great idea! Retinoids are pretty strong so your skin has to take a break from harsher products. Definitely definitely go the whole 12 weeks. I was still breaking out at the point you are at and now I have 1 pimple. :D

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