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The Maggitane Log

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Day Zero

Hello all! My name is Maggie (which explains the odd title I gave this log). I just came back from my first visit to a dermatologist where she asked me to list every acne treatment I've tried.. which is basically everything short of accutane and urinating on my own face. So accutane, here I come! :) I have my first blood test tomorrow, and if the results are ok, I'll be able to start my course on Monday! How cool is that? I'm so excited!

Ok so I normally just lurk and live vicariously through the many wonderful accutane logs here.. but in light of the exciting news, I decided to finally start my own log! Here I'll record the trials and tribulations of my upcoming experience with accutane. I'm not expecting many people to read this. It's main purpose is for me to keep track of things..

I'll be on accutane for 7 months. Since I weigh around 53 or 54 kg (depending on the time of day), I'll be taking 20mg per day for the first 2 months, and then the dosage will be upped to 40 mg for the remaining 5 months.

Some irrelevant facts about me include the fact that I'm a university student and I hope to be a psychologist one day, since it allows me to combine my passion for knowledge and helping people overcome their inner demons. I find both of these endeavors very rewarding. Plus the pay is good, apparently. :P

Ok, I think that about covers what I wanted to say for today. Peace. Here's hoping that tomorrow's blood test goes well.

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Good luck! There are a few of us all starting within the same 7-10 days so we can all help eachother out and support eachother!! I will be taking dose 4 tonight, im on 40mg.

Best of luck and keep posting!

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Good luck Maggie! I'm also in Australia, in Melbourne. I'm on day 3 today so feel free to follow my log if you want to see what someone else is going through about a week ahead.. I'm on 20mg for the first month, then onto 40mg for 4.5 months.

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Guest DireStraits


I'm very pleased to hear the good news!

All the very best on your tane journey, it'll be a bumpy road at times but very much worth it in the end.

I'll definitely be checking up on your progress Mags.

Take care you! ;)

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Day 0.5 (preparation phase?)

Well this morning I did my blood work. It was 5 minutes in and out, so it went very smoothly and wasn't very exciting. I looked away as the blood was being drained out of my vein. I seriously couldn't bear the sight lol. I then popped into my local Priceline Pharmacy and bought my first box of Roche's Roaccutane. The chemist who served me had probably never seen anybody so excited to receive box of roaccutane :D I also browsed the rest of the store and giddily stocked up on:

2 sticks of Blistex lip balm

125 ml of Emu Spirit pure emu oil

QV SPF 30 moisturiser

QV soap-free cleanser

Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo

When I asked one of the friendly sales people drifting around the skincare aisle about where to find the emu oil, she suggested that I try Bio-Oil for my red marks instead. Since I've heard some really good things about Emu Oil, I decided to give that a fair go first before moving onto other options...

..Did I mention that I now have a hole in my bank account? A fairly large and happy hole.

My boring Vitamin regime .. only read on if you're a fellow vitamin nut or risk dozing off.

I still need to buy some vitamins (B complex, C, D, E, Flaxseed Oil all of the good stuff). I currently take 3 capsules of Fish Oil and Primrose Oil, since I've read that they're both good for your skin. When these capsules run out, I'm going to take Flaxseed Oil (which contains both Omega 3 and 6, so I wont need to take so many capsules daily).

Skin status:

I've developed a small smattering of pimples under my left brow (like wtf?), which is quite bizarre since the rest of my forehead is clear. Maybe I rub my eyes too often.. I've got four tiny pimples seemingly merrily populating above my upper lip, and a volcanic island of cysts forming a crescent shape below my cheek. Lovely! Oh, and loads of red marks. Hopefully accutane will clear all of these up.


@DEL XX: Hey DEL thanks for the encouragement! I'll be sure to pop by your log as well! :)

@martini99: Hello fellow Aussie! Thanks and it sounds like you're on a similar accutane schedule as I am. So I guess when get around to reading your log, I'll think of it as a glimpse into my possible future. ;)

DireStraits: lol thanks! If your log is a good indication of what I'll be facing soon, I'm not expecting it to be smooth sailing. :P Not looking forward to the initial breakout! But I'm looking forward to other benefits like clear skin. ;)

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First of all I love the title of your log! I started Accutane at the beginning of this month, so maybe I can be sort of a forecast for what's to come for you. Also, very thorough shopping list! I'm impressed and definitely was not that well prepared. I did buy Head and Shoulders, and it has been god send in this first month. I'd also recommend some sort of deep conditioner to go along with it, to keep your hair in good shape. Good luck! I'll keep checking in!

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Day 0.75 (pre-tane anxiety phase)

I'm feeling pretty nervous about my bloodwork results, which I'll find out about tomorrow morning.. I'm generally a healthy person (I like to walk, I take my vitamins and I'm not overweight for my height - 54 kg/160 cm), I'm not pregnant, I don't drink alcohol, and I don't smoke (yeah, I'm pretty boring).

I'm just going to pray that everything works out...

I've started applying emu oil on my red marks twice a day. If that doesn't work, then I'll move onto trying jojoba oil, then microdermabrasion, then.... oh, the possibilities are endless. :boohoo:


Ok ummm. ..clear skin here I come? :dance:

@Amieable: Aww thank you. I'm happy to hear that you like my log's name. I'm glad that my cheesy attempt at wit wasn't an epic fail. :D And thanks for the hair tip, I definitely forgot about the conditioner! I'll be checking into your log too. ;)

Edited by maggipie
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Guest DireStraits

Ey Mags.

Dont worry about the bloodwork too much im pretty sure with your lifestyle your results should be fine. From the pics you've put up it looks like your acne is concentrated on the lower half of your face. Well for me the acne around my chin area was the first area to start to clear up.

Sounds like you've got Monday off from uni? Nice!

Just another tip, i noticed you've made a list of vitamins you're gonna take. Just go easy on them, since you're liver is already being worked hard on accutane.

Good luck!

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Day 1

Good news! My blood test results came back normal. :dance: So to celebrate, when I arrived home from uni, I had my last long hot shower when faced with the knowledge that I wont be able to enjoy such a luxury for months to come. I then skipped the DKR and went straight to moisturising and applying emu oil on my red marks. Doing so little to my face is a novel experience for me since I'm used to my old regimen, which mainly consisted of me piling layers and layers of Dan's BP onto every inch of my face every morning and night in a (mostly vain) attempt to keep one step ahead of my acne.

Then after scoffing down a hearty dinner of beef pasta and garlic bread, I greedily inhaled ingested my first accutane capsule. So let's see what tomorrow brings. :D I'm on a low dose for 2 months so I hope that the IB will be tolerable. But my skin will probably go into DKR withdrawal, so who knows. Is there a BP anonymous group that my skin can join?

Ok accutane, do your stuff!

@Direstraits: Thanks so much for your support and your tips. I'll definitely keep your advice in mind when I go shopping for my vitamins tomorrow. I've narrowed my selection of vitamins down to B Complex, Flaxseed oil and Zinc. =) And pfft I wish that I had Monday off. I actually meant that I would call my derm for my bloodwork results while on the train lol.

Edited by maggipie
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Best wishes to you on your course. Im on 20 mgs as well, but am 95kg. Not too scare you, but for me, things did get worse at the beginning. In fact, it took me to about week 8 to start seeing a little improvement. Just gotta try to remain positive and plow thru it. Lots of good info out there in peoples' logs. Keep us posted w/ your successes and if there's anything you have a question about.

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Day 4/5

The last few days for me have been a blur of uni, catching up with friends and shopping. I guess that it's good that I've kept myself busy because it gives me less time to focus on my skin.

So here's a quick update on my skin: For the past 2 days, I've woken up with such oily skin that it looks like I sleepwalked into a vat of petroleum jelly sometime during the night. This hyper-oily skin persists throughout the day as well. I'm not sure if the oiliness is due to my skin going into DKR withdrawal or if it's a sign of the accutane kicking in. Probably both. Perhaps I should invest in blotting papers for now? I've also been waking up with a peeling t-zone since day 1. But thats nothing that my lovely Aveeno Moisturiser (it's such a godsend) hasn't been able to handle.

I've also stopped wearing makeup altogether because my skin just ends up flaking off under my layers of foundation no matter how much I moisturise beforehand. So now I have to face the world au naturale everyday, with my acne and red marks thrown into sharp relief whenever I step into bright lighting for anybody who happens to be around me to gawp at as they please. How fun. :doubt: As for the status of my acne, I suspect that I'm beginning to experience *cue suspenseful music*...the dreaded initial breakout (IB).. or maybe it's just the DKR withdrawal talking. Whatever it is, it's not a pretty sight.judge for yourself.

@martini99: Thank you. :) I hope that the IB doesn't get worse than this, though I'm not holding my breath lol.

@goodz19: Thanks for the best wishes. Good luck with your course too. Yeps it's already been repeatedly drilled in me by my derm and the many accutane logs that I've followed in the past to expect my skin to get worse first before it gets better while on the tane. I'll be sure to check out your log and I'll try to update this log as often as I can. :)

Edited by maggipie
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hi there! How long have you been using the emu oil for?

Some people say that it does clog the pores so I am just applying it to individual spots as opposed to all over my face.


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Maggie! Best of luck with your accutane course. I know you will breeze right through it, you have a great sense of humour :D

P.S. Love the name of your log. I admittedly spent some time thinking to myself before clicking on your log, what country the "maggitane" brand was from. haha

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Day 6

Hmm I'm reaching the one week mark and I am not experiencing any dryness whatsoever, not even on my lips. I really expected to look like a puckered, dried out fish by now. Instead, I'm looking more and more like a Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill survivor with each passing day. :snooty: I can only think of several possible explanations for my lack of dryness:

(1) My zealous application of Carmex lip balm and moisturiser has neutralised any dryness that I'm supposed to be experiencing.

(2) I'm on a low dose of accutane. And because it is so low, the benevolent accutane god has allowed me to bypass the nasty side effects other people who are taken higher doses are experiencing. :pray:

(3) Accutane isn't really working for me yet, perhaps because I haven't been ingesting my accutane pills with fatty enough foods. For example, two nights ago I ate out and forgot to bring my accutane pills along. When I got home around an hour later, I forgot the all important always-take-your-tane-with-fatty-foods golden rule and just ended up taking the pill with some fat-free milk and stumbled into bed. Seriously, what a waste of a pill!

(4) I'm overanalysing things again (for a good example of this, see 'pre-tane anxiety' entry).

Wellll it's most likely explanation (4). But juuust in case it's (3), as of tonight I've started taking my accutane pill with a handful of almond and macademia nuts and organic corn chips for extra measure. Hopefully that should do the trick!

And on the acne front...

The right side of my face is still playing host to a famous zit resort, whereas my left side is Redmarks Paradise. Same old, same old.

@DEL XX: Hey! I've been using the emu oil for one week now. However, as of tonight I've stopped using it, because it's become hard for me to tell if it's the IB or emu oil that's causing my new break outs. So what I've decided to do is try the emu oil again once my face has been completely cleared up by the accutane. That way, I'll be able to see if emu oil causes me to have any break-outs. I hope that sort of answers your question.

@calabi: lol it is with the deepest regret that I must inform you there's no brand of roaccutane in existence that goes by the name of Maggitane. Instead, there's only this oddly titled log, which is slowly but surely being filled up by my increasingly strange rambling, for what it's worth. Thanks for dropping by! :D

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Hi Maggie!

I just caught up on your log - it's great :)

Don't worry that you haven't experience dryness as of yet.. I didn't feel anything unusual until about the 2 week mark and I was on 40mg. Your skin will slowly dry out as the Accutane accumulates in your body.

Keep up the positive attitude - it's always fun to read an upbeat person's perspective on this entire process

Best of luck!

Edited by Angela1985
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Day 13!


I come bearing some good news. My skin is producing far less oil, so I am no longer walking around looking like I swam in a tub of oil for kicks. However, the bad news is that I've been breaking out quite terribly. For the past few days, I've even caught several strangers in the act of staring at the numerous angry red lumps that currently populate my side profile. However, the main thing that has been drawing curious stares is an emperor-sized monstrosity of a cyst on my right cheek that is absolutely refusing to heal! This is most likely because I keep accidentally reopening the cyst like an old war wound whenever I cleanse. So last night, feeling fed up with this and desiring to end Emperor Cyst's reign of terror on my face, I nipped down to the supermarket and bought a packet of those adorably tiny circle-shaped bandaids. I then none-too-gently smothered the recalcitrant cyst with one bandaid before commencing my cleansing ritual for the night. Come morning, the cyst has since gone down a fair bit during the night, so phew. I'm not sure if the battle between me and Emperor Cyst is truly over, though.. so umm stay tuned for the rest of Maggie Vs. The Emperor Cyst, the ultimate B-grade movie?

Side effects

I am now starting to sport the desiccated fish lips look. Also, I've been chugging down what feels like gallons of H20 to keep my growing thirst at bay. If I don't drink enough water, I find that my head starts feeling uncomfortably muggy. I also have a slightly sore back.


Uni working is piling up like a bunch of dry leaves and I'm starting to feel the stain. I seriously can't wait until the summer holidays. Hopefully by then I'll be (mostly) acne-free! :cool:

I have also resolved to exercise more and eat better! For the past week, I've been living on a diet of uni food and take-out, so yikes. This must change before my cholesterol levels shoot through the roof at my next blood test, which is in early December.

PS. Oh, and if you've visited this log before, you may have noticed that I removed all of the photos that I uploaded of myself. That was done for privacy purposes. Sorry! I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with somebody I know stumbling across this log, especially when my skin is in such a horrid state! :ninja: I'll try to get some photos up that just show my acne, so that you can track my progress! :D


@hop3: Thank you! Good luck with your course too. :D

@Angela1985: Haha thanks! I'll try to keep up the positive attitude, but of course it's inevitable that some days will be harder than others. Accutane is totally worth it in the longrun though. Here's the clear skin! :D

Edited by maggipie
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Hey Maggipie - I'm 10 days behind you, weigh the same and on the same dose so I will definitely be following your log. Hopefully my course will follow the same pattern as yours and I'll be able to anticipate everything! Unfortunately things prob won't pan out like that but nonetheless I'll still be reading. Good luck XD

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Day 17

Hmm still riding out my IB. Yesterday morning, I tried my hand at covering the most horrible areas on my face with some liquid foundation before traipsing off to uni. By midday, these areas just ended up resembling artificially bleached grass patches..but at least I tried, right? :boohoo::wall:

Acne counter I have at least 16 actives on my face. Most of them are small red dots, some of them are cysts. The pre-existing acne that I had on my right cheek has been transmogrified by accutane into large, raised angry red lumps.. needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. Hopefully this IB wont last too long. I'm hoping that it'll show signs of subsiding by the time I enter my 2nd month.

Ok back to procrastinating on acne.org studying for me now.

@Niamh414: Hey Niamh thanks for dropping by! Yep there's no telling how each of our bodies will react to accutane.. I guess that's what makes reading other people's logs so fun! I'm also interested in your progress so you keep updating too. :D

@I Love Hand Sanitzer: Thank you. :) I'll try to update as much as my uni schedule allows.. acne.org is so addictive though, so I can never stay away for too long!

@acnechemist: Hey thanks for dropping by. Congrats on finishing!

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just want to say I know how you feel! before starting accutane I had a cluster of little bumps on mt left cheek that had been there for bout 6 weeks! in the last 10 days, 3 of them have grown into monsters! realy inflamed with no heads, yet ive still squeezed them! Nasty!

hope our IBs end soon!

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Guest DireStraits

Hey Mags, just caught up with your log.

Bummer you're going through your IB, its shithouse. I remember coming into uni with a hat everyday during my IB to cover my skin.

This site if very addictive aye? I find myself on here even though i've got assignments and quizes to study for cause theres so much support and good information (the majority of the time) going around. Last semester during the finals i had to get one of the mods to suspend my account for a week just so i dont waste time on the org, and im sure as hell willing to do that again for this semesters finals. Stay strong during the IB!

oh and....



Edited by DireStraits
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Hiya Maggie!

Just got caught up on your log! I absolutely love the way you write [: I've also given up wearing makeup for the most part, so just know that somewhere on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, there is someone else wandering around with an acne filled face proudly on display. You are not alone!

Hope everything is going well! Hang in there through the IB (I know it's rough)! I just keep reminding myself that once all of this breaking out is done, my skin will be perfection (and I'm sure the same will happen to you!)

Edited by amieable
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