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Shadow Yoshi

Mild, persistant acne.

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I've been suffering from mild acne since I was 14, and now I'm 17. My acne wasn't as noticeable for the first year or so, but then it worsened to the point where people would start giving me negative comments about it. That's when I started treating it, trying numerous creams, improving my health and lifestyle, and even taking suggestions from people on this website. In fact, I've actually made a couple topics similar to this one since I first registered here.

The disappointing part of this story is that, overall, my acne hasn't improved much despite all the methods I've used to try and clear up. There was one treatment that actually made a significant difference though. That was lemon juice, applied topically. The thing is, the positive effects it was having on my skin slowly depleted, and in a couple months I was breaking out again.

At the moment, I only use a mild cleanser in the shower, and some jojoba oil to moisturize afterward. I eat very healthy, don't smoke or drink, rarely touch my face, yeah you get the point. I take very good care of my skin, only to get repaid by sporadic breakouts and red marks that seem to never fade away.

So, I've come here soliciting advice from people who can probably relate to this story. I have a feeling other users hear have dealt with persistent acne that responds to practically no treatments, and yet were able to overcome their problem. That's what I'm looking to do, so any suggestions are appreciated.

Also, here's a picture of my face up close, so you can see exactly what I'm dealing with.


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