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Has anyone used hydroquinone or other lightening agents for Scars?

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Don't. It messes around with pigmentation. There are heaps of other things that would lessen redness without the dangers of hydroquinone, and it won't do anything for scars depth-wise. Most anti-wrinkle creams will help with the redness, in my experience they also have a SLIGHT tendancy to reduce the appearence of scars' depth, but only on a temporary basis.

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I disagree with the poster above, hydroquinone is an effective and safe lightening agent.

Read Paula Begoun's article on it:


My own research concurs with her assessment. Of course it has potential cons, but overall I think it's safe and effective.

As far as my experience with it goes, it's been mostly positive. Applied to healing lesions, it prevents (to some extent) the hyperpigmentation from happening in the first place. On older lesions, it fades the marks noticeably faster, though it's certainly not overnight (thank god). Be careful that the formulation you use doesn't have comedogenic ingredients though, that's a potential pitfall.

I use the Porcelana brand, because I liked a lot of the high performance ingredients they included... but I can't really compare it to anything else.

If you want more of a broad, but much less dramatic lightening of scars, try Niacinamide and Glucosamine together - easy to handle DIY. Check my signature for the recipe I use.

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Just wondering if anyone has done that to just get rid of the darkness and if it made their scars less noticeable.

I've been using obagi blender (4% hydroquinone) for over 2 months now but there hasnt been any changes so far. I am hopeful of this though, I know it won't do anything for the pits but I'm hoping it will help with overall skin complexion and there are been many positive reviews over the net.

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