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I found this some time ago. I thought it might be of some help with post treatment care. I have emailed the company through both websites dozens of times over a span of about a year and they haven't responded once.

Maybe if someone speaks french, they may respond. Who knows?


A biotechnological innovation to boost the physiological healing processes.

The value of DUO REPARATION is based on a combination of two active ingredients: the extract of the alga Padina pavonica (EPP) accelerates the production of proteoglycans and the “front line†collagens, collagen III and collagen IV. It makes it possible for the extracellular matrix to be reconstructed; this is the substance that surrounds the cells.

This active ingredient also restores the phenotype of damaged cells.

The extract of Opuntia ficus indica (TEX-OE), accelerates the appearance of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). HSPs are the cellular tools that are used to repair and re-conform the proteins of which the structure has been damaged as a result of aggression or ageing. This physiological repair process occurs naturally, but is markedly accelerated in the presence of TEX OE.

DUO REPARATION therefore has 3 key tasks, which complement each other in promoting the physiological healing process:

restoring cell function,

stimulating the production of the supporting fibers of the extracellular matrix,

repairing damaged proteins.

This means that the damaged tissues will be repaired more quickly.


Bottle A Ingredients: Isononyl isonanoate, 10% Padina pavonica extract (EPP)

Bottle B Ingredients: Isononyl isonanoate, 10% Opuntia ficus indica extract (TEX-OEâ„¢).


Two 20-ml drop-dispensing bottles containing ready-to-use solutions for local cutaneous application.


Use once or twice a day, alternating bottle A: EPP (extract of the alga Padina pavonica) and bottle B: TEX-OE (Opuntia ficus indica extract).


Facilitates the physiological healing processes, principally in the context of:

recent scars, even if sutured,

after peeling, laser or dermabrasion treatment,

long-standing scars,

slow healing,

inflammatory scars,

fibrous, indurated, retractile scars,

red scars that are sensitive or protruding.



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