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A journey to clear skin

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Hey .

a while back i wrote a post saying that my face had become "acne free" because of excercising.

Well, let's just say that i take all of that shit back.

Not long after that post i started to stop working out. And sure enough, the acne came pooping back on my face. So, not only is my acne back, but it has also gotten worse.

Usually i only get acne on my forehead, but now my cheeks and around my mouth have been going out of control.

To make it even better, i'm going to start high school . . .

Omg, i can't even imaging going around the campus trying to make new friends with a face like mine . . fml

so desperate times comes with drastic measures, and i want all of you to join me. Starting monday i'm going to starts working out again, at least three times a week for no less than 30 minutes . We'll start slow, and then later on pump up the work out schedule.

I'm going to blog ( go to my account to find my blog ) about my workout and how my acne turns out, and hopefully some of you guys will join me on my journey to clear skin !

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I'll add some extra workouts to my regimen and see if it helps :) I already do an hour of Pilates on a Monday and during the semester I do about 3 hours of ballet a week but since the semesters out I'm up for some more exercising. Are you hitting the gym or doing it at home? I have NYC Ballet workouts tht are very very good on DVD so I may pick them up again. Irregardless of whether it helps your skin it will defo help your overall health and well-being :D

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