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When I'm desperate to lighten my scars within the next two days or so, I use freshly squeezed lemon juice (none of that bottled stuff, freshly squeezed) and dab it on the discoloured skin with a cotton bud. Leave it on for about 15 minutes (or 10 minutes, if you can't take it) and rinse off. =) This method will sting slightly and I don't really recommend it too much since it's technically bleaching your skin and I don't think that's healthy. xD But yeah, it's quick and it might leave you with a slight redness afterwards but the next day, it should be it's normal colour. I can't really guarantee that it will immediately make your scars lighter as all skin-types are different, but it works (kinda) for me.

Ps. Also, please remember to wash it off. I had an aunt who left lemon juice around her hairline overnight and her skin was bleached white the next day. (no joke) She has tan-ish skin and the white stains are really obvious. So, please be cautious when handling lemon juice. =/

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I've used bottled lemon juice and fresh squeezed lemons, there is no difference in the effectiveness. I have been applying lemon juice to my skin twice a day for over 8 months now. I didn't have huge pock marks but I did have pock marks, and they wouldn't go away because of continued acne. the lemon juice got ride of the acne and the pock marks. I had tried scar medication that you rub in, it simply did not make a difference. My face is smooth now. I have used continuous solutions that are harsh on your skin, lemon is not one of them, it is safe for continued use.

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