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I was prescribed Ziana about a week or so ago, I went on it to combat my acne but something that was also more suited for my SUPER sensitive as in I would become inflamed and breakout from mere benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. But anyways ever since I've been using it it has dried up all my pimples greatly and seems to be clearing my skin pretty quickly I'm guessing also because I don't have any like deep or cystic pimples more just moderate acne as I mainly just have papules, but anyways my dermatologist said that sometimes it get's worse before it gets better and most people say that their first week on Ziana is absolute hell, but I only experienced a tiny breakout but mostly clearing so was that the initial breakout? I was pretty covered when I used it a week ago so I figure my skin was already bad and it was already broken out and I've been practically purging my skin for so long anyways and have been doing high frequency treatments. Sorry for the long paragraph I just get really paranoid about people talking about IBs and I was just wondering if some people don't experience a bad IB at all, I'm also thinking that since I'm on amoxicillin that's combating it also!

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i used ziana when i was on accutane because it was so gentle. personally it wasn't enough for me to clear my skin and it made me oily.

but, how long have u been on it?? i would say u should start to see an IB after 1 to 2 weeks of use. an IB usually lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. maybe u already had urs with the small breakout u mentioned. very possible.

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I'm actually pretty sure that I already had it since I did breakout alittle and the little breakout is not completely healing yet as opposed to my other areas that are now almost gone! But I've been on it for a week and it doesn't make me dry or oily at all, it's the perfect topical it seems like since it's clearing me up and not drying me out at the same time.

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Hey I did a search of Ziana and your post was the first one that came up so I checked it out. I recently got prescribed Ziana about 3 weeks ago because I too have uber sensitive skin. My main problem is blackheads and not necessarily zits/pimples. The best thing about the z is that I haven't been getting any major zits and my skin hasn't been peeling. I was previously on Tazorac and a couple other retnoids that would just dry out my skin so bad and make me peel like a mutha. It does make my skin really really oily which sucks if its not one thing its another with all this shit.

Anyways how much do u apply? I know it says only use a pea size drop but I use a little bit more than that because its so hard to spread so little around your entire face. As far as the IB I didn't a one at the beginning but I think I experienced a small one last week that I'm just starting to settle down on. I've got to go for now but maybe we can help each other out.

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i got prescirbed ziana to use only at night, with erythromycin in the morning and ampicillin 500mg morning &night. i have really extreme combo oily/dry skin. major drying/burning/itching/flaking that i use cerave cream (moisturizer doesn't do it for me) to hydrate.

i've experienced uber dryness, and the dr says its the ziana. but once i stopped erythromycin, the burning and stinging went away almost instantly. so for any of you readers concerned with the extreme dryness of ziana, i can tell you that it does/might itch/flake but it does not sting or make your face look sunburned (erythromycin did, probably because of the alcohol).

i'm ending my 4th week, and i'll admit i've had my share of doubts with this treatment. at first, it seemed to clear, then i had the initial breakout (around week 2 to 3). now, week 4 i am finally seeing some results. just last week, i had lost all hope. i'm just going to at least trust it until my full 6 weeks ends (that's my next checkup with dr).

2 week ago, i went to the gyno and i guess my face was so bad she immediately asked if i wanted bcp to clear the acne. i got loestrin24fe, but i haven't started it yet. partly because i'm not too sure about bcp, and also i don't want my body to depend on yet another set of meds when it could've been handled with what i have right now.

sorry it's so long. just wanted to share enough info so others might find it useful!

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My IB was absolutely terrible, I was covered in bumps everywhere which left baddd red marks, then around week 4 or 5 it all cleared up SO SO SO SO well, I recentlyhad my 6 week check up and they said I was post acne now with only 2 or 3 very small active pimples and it just looked like what a normal person would have, they prescribed me something to fade my red marks and after 3 days my marks are a super light pink and most have even disappeared, I'm still taking Amoxicillin just to finish up my rounds but I'm very happy with Ziana/Amoxicillin Combo although it takes longer then other antibiotics such as tetracyclines, it seems to keep people actual clear after they stop taking said antibiotic.

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Hey, are any of you guys still using Ziana? Did your dr discuss with you on how/when it's okay to stop using Ziana and the antibiotic?

Personally, I haven't been really good with my regimen. 1. My skin was just so irritated, I'd often skip a couple days and then start it again when my breakouts got bad. And that became a habit.. 2. Dr told me to apply every other day if it is too irritating. 3. Despite my lack of consistant routine, my acne is actually dying down..although at a rather slow rate. But I think it might be the Loestrin24fe.

I did take oral ampicillin daily as instructed, and was kinda good with applying erythromycin daily.

TIP FOR PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN: If you find that the antibiotic is burning/irritating your skin, apply it with your hands and not a cotton swab. I have UBER sensitive skin, and the dr said tap medicine with my hands so I don't break my protective skin layer, which takes at least 7-10 days to reform.

Dr gave me lots of 1g sample Ziana tubes because it's so expensive and I don't have insurance. I still bought the 30g tube, but I never opened it because the samples last so long. Should I return the Ziana if I don't get worse, or actually give it a proper go at it? Like I said before, my skin is clearing up, but it still does look bad and is clearing at a reaaaally slow rate...

Thanks for replies!!!

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