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What results have ya'll had using a self tanner?

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I'm debating on whether I should get it to try to even my skin out. What results have ya'll had using it?

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Hello......I am glad you posted on this topic. I love self tanner! I do not have a lot of pigmented scarring, but I do have some ice pick scars and rolling scars. For some reason, whenever I use self tanner my scars become less noticeable. I love L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Bronzing Gel/Self Tanner. You can see where you apply it and the color develops nicely. It doesn't make me break out either. Good luck!

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I would agree my scars almost disappear when I use fake tanner... though using one that won;t break you out is essential!!!

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Yes, fake tans are great!

The trick is finding one that won't break you out (as previously mentioned) and one that is a good color for you and doesn't streak.

Best to do a self tanner after you exfoliate so that it goes on evenly.

I like Neutrogena, I also like Lancome oil free and Biotherm, but they are pricey.

I have some from when I worked in cosmetics and I got tons of free products.

I think that there are tons of good ones at the drug store.

I would look for reviews on makeup alley and on the cosmetics cop web sites to get a good idea of what to start with.

The color issue depends on your natural skin tone as well as your skin chemistry and how the color turns out, so that is a bit of trial and error.

I have lots of hyperpigmentation and fake tans help even that out.

Plus, no sun damage (as long as you are good about SPF too) and still a nice tan - don't forget your neck!

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