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A very dark time.... need opiniions....

over the past year i have gone through numerous personal struggles... on top of that my face has exploded..ll go back to. viewing my ggallery is there any hope that my skin will go back to normal... a clear face would be one bright note in my sea of gloom. Right now that is all i hope for.... it depresses me if after all of this i have even one reminder of these stupid blemishes... Has anyone eveer healed seamlessly???

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It's hard to tell, but it doesn't look too bad. Usually you can tell my the size of the legions... The bigger they are, the more likely damage will be done. And yours aren't that big.

I know it's very difficult, but you have to get your mind off it. That just makes it worse, and you'll just keep going in circles. If you just sit around being depressed, waiting for your skin to heal, you'll most likely be disappointed. You have to get out there and try to enjoy life, though it can sometimes be difficult. You don't have to be going to parties every night, but do try to just get out and enjoy things on your own. Even if it's just getting exercise by running, walking, whatever. Try to find interests to take your mind off it.

I assume you've gone to a doctor, but maybe look into what one thinks about accutane.

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excercise helps alot with how you feel about yourself, even when your face isn't at it's best. Atleast that's how it is for me, if I don't excercise I feel like absolute shit.

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