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Red to purple, purple to brown, brown to gone?

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As the title suggests, I am wondering what the typical lifespan of a red mark looks like. I am white and I have a pale complexion.

I saw my derm yesterday and took off my makeup to have him give me the final low-down on my red marks. He said that they are brown now, which is the last phase. But is this true? He said that I still have 2.5 months until they are completley totally gone, which I can honestly live with.

So yes. Is brown the final stage?

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I've never noticed my red marks turning brown, they normally just fade. Are you using anything for your red marks right now?

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Well, we may have different skin tones. I'm caucasian with a pale complexion. I also think it's possible we're talking about the same color... my derm said that most red marks go from a red to maybe a purple and then eventually to a faded kind of color that's reddish-brownish-pinkish. That's where I'm at now. This is apparently the last stage of them, as they are pretty well faded already, but still have a little ways to go.

Anyway, I am using Dan's AHA on them and maybe one coating of Meladerm a day. I don't know about the Meladerm, but the AHA definitely helped to fade my bacne marks. My bacne was worse than my facne (facne?) and the marks have been entirely gone for a bit longer. I wish face skin and chest skin healed as fast as my back skin...

My derm said to expect about another 2.5 months, 3 months tops, before they no longer exist. I cannot WAIT for that day... but again, I didn't tell him I was using AHA (because I have no idea how to say AHA in Japanese, and that's all my derm can speak). What do you guys think? I think best case scenario is 8 weeks. Input?

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red ---> slowly to brown and gone.

i dont know wat is wrong with my marks...sometimes they look red...sometimes brown some...sometimes lite brown or almost faded and after a few hours really bright red...wat should i do?

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