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With summer apon us I thought might be useful to post a list of some of the SPF moisturisers available in the UK, which are non-comeogenic. Most of these are available in Boots or Superdrug:

Eucerin Hydro Protect with SPF15: My favourite spf moisturiser. Not cheap and only available in the large boots stores, quite thick but hydrates brilliantly.


Eucerin Aquaporin Cream with SPF 15: Not tried this one myself but looks good.


Olay complete day cream SPF15: Good light moisturiser, and quite cheap.


Olay complete moisturising fluid SPF15: Not tried this but sounds like a lighter version of the day cream.


Worth noting all but the Eucerin Hydro protect contain Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane which is another word for avobenzone. Some people have claimed breaks them out, though its surposed to be non-comeogenic. Dan has more info on this on his blog.

Getting an SPF30, non-comeogenic moisturiser in the UK is very difficult, the only two I have found have to be imported online. These are Eucerin everyday protection face lotion with SPF30, and Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Facial Moisturizer SPF 50, both available from drugstore.com. I have not used these yet, and I doubt the Cetaphil is in practice providing much more protection than SPF30. Links below:



A final option, if you dont mind spending lots on your skincare, is the Clinique range. I have not looked at these in any detail but they seem to have a wide range of SPF moisturisers.

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I've used the Olay fluid for a while now and had no problems with it, I guess its different for everyone. Also its not too thick, greasy and it fine under make up.

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Ooooh! I got an Almay 'sun protector' 'face' 50 ml in Poundland on Friday. It's SPF 30. It says 'Won't Clog Pores', and 'nourishing' and hypoallergenic'.

Active Ingredients: Homosalate 10%, octinoxzate 7.5%, octisalate 5%, oxybenzone 5%,

zinc oxide 3.1%. Does this sound good? Is oxybenzone just another name for avobenzone?

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Very timely thank you Ellie ! I am a Bacne sufferer and have been using an AHA cream after BP as recommended by Dan. I know this is supposed to make your skin sun sensitive however . I am coming up to a holiday in Spain early September so was thinking I should perhaps change to a SPF moisturiser to allow my skin to adjust? I fully plan on lying on that beach with my unspotty skin :)

The AHA has been working very well so I am a little anxious about changing. Since I started the regimen using , Dove soap, Panoxyl 2.5 and Paula's Choice AHA lotion the results have been astonishing ! I am hoping that changing to probably the Eucerin Hydra Protect moisturiser I wont suffer a step backwards. I am lucky that my skin doesn't burn badly. The sun has always helped with my acne. My back is scarred and not too attractive but NOTHING is going to stop me lying on that beach and swimming in the sea :)

Any other tips or advice appreciated.


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STOPPPP! Okay folks I just read on the net that oxybenzone is very very very dodgy stuff indeed - potentially photo-carcinogenic. Lovely. *sigh* Almay sun cream just gone in the bin. Almay obviously thought they'd better ditch it to the Poundland punters before the lawsuits became too much for them.

Donski - I think you'd better go shopping for that sunscreen elsewhere! :hand:

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Ayy up! On the boots website it says the olay moisturising fluid is non-comodegenic.. However i checked on the ingredients and it contains Isopropyl Palmitate, Myristic Acid and many more 2 grade Comedogenicity... Would someone be able to inform me on why they are promoting it as non-comodegenic.. For one, it's the most affordable price i could find for a moisturizer/spf combo and i was going to purchase it!

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