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Hey all,

I've been on the Regimen for slightly over 9 weeks, and I've seen good results. Current status is one pimple on my chin (and it's great-- they turn yellow in a day and then just go away) and a few blackheads that look like they want to become tiny pimples any second now. Everything else is just red marks.

That being SAID, I have been using AHA nightly as a moisturizer for about 2.5 weeks. I *think* it has helped with the red marks, but at this point I am so close to being clear of them that I can barely wait to see them completely disappear. My face has adjusted to the AHA at night and no longer burns unbearably (just a little, which I can deal with). I use SPF 50 during the day and was wondering if it would be OK to use AHA at night AND in the morning. Will it be more effective in ridding myself of red marks, or will I simply irritate my skin too much? I've been using AHA twice a day on my chest and back with no irritation, and my back is nearly entirely clear of PIH now (my chest... almost).

Input appreciated!

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Keep in mind that the skin on your back is thicker and more resilient than the skin on your face. ; )

I don't generally recommend using the AHA twice a day. It's pretty strong, so once a day is usually plenty, and overdoing could irritate your skin.

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I have a question about using AHA. How much are you supposed to use on the face? because, sometimes when I apply a little more, then my skin feel like its burning and gets red in the places where I applied it.

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