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anthony gali

New to forum... old to acne my isotroin(accutane) log

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Hi guys my name is Anthony.... I recently (I mean yesterday) started taking prescribed medication called Isotroin(isotretinoin or accutane) 20 mg per day dosage for 3 months, I prayed to god and took the first gulp of wonder pill which might clear my acne, so far no major issues but I am feeling weird in my stomach since morning and my face is becoming oily(I use cetaphil face cleanser) and also using scarzone for acne scars that i already have.... I will let u guys know of my progress.. cheers.... :surprised:

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Hi friends day-2 of Isotroin(accutane) and I want to specify some details here I have Mild acne mostly cystic and dermal and the day before I started taking accutane I have 3 massive pimple under my chin and cheeks but I am not sure its from the drug or scarzone acne that I am using those pimples disappeared completely I mean I don't see them except the bump I just don't see them :dance: I am soo happy sure this stuff works

I am optimistic now as I have acne from last 6-7 years and never had a pimple simply disappear over night..... and coming to any side effects I had none just few minor issues some how my skin is very oily ( I am not using any moisturizer) but still my skin is becoming very oily and my eyes are dry I am not sure its becaz of the accutane but its these symptoms continue I will go back to my derm and ask his advice.... ok guys enjoy u r day cheers.........

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Best of luck with your course Anthony!

I started Accutane on July 1st, so I'll be sure to pop into your forum every now and then and see how you are doing :)

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@Angela best of luck to u too

Day 3&4 Hi friends and thanks for reading my log and I took my isotrion(accutane) on sat and sunday(irrespective of late night party I carried the pills wit me) and thanks to accutane I did some thing I could never had done.... "eating greasy food" haha..... I stopped eating the yummy greasy food and ice creams and chocolates long bck... thanks to accutane I had good time wid my friends and eat all the greasy stuff da chef can make.....

I had no side effects and my oily skin is getting better, its not oily any more and the pimple bumps are gone and my face is very clear with out any uneven surfaces or any cysts forming....

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Hi friends my accutane log day 5: i consider a bad day "I have a break out 3 possible cysts near the side burns..... but still hopes are high as they are not forming into painful ones and maintaining same size from 2 days.... hope they dont form big cysts....

No side effects just red eyes not serious as the drug is drying my eyes real quick....

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