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First Derm Visit- Advice Appreciated :)

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Hi guys-

Just went to the dr today for the first time. I would describe myself as having mild acne, but she refered to it as moderate (ouch). Am 21 year old, mostly break out in my T zone, normal skin type. I felt like the visit could have gone a lot better. When I brought up the topic of acne and food she refered to it as "an old wive's tale". Now I don't think that just because you eat a piece of junk food you're going to break out...but doesn't it make sense that what you pit inside your body would show up on the outside??? I was really frustrated that she just kind of dismissed my question. I do eat a lot of white flour/sugar and i think this may play a part in my acne, but I only want to give it up if I have to! Anyway...here is what she perscribed for me.

Clindamycin topical gel (Rx)

Tretinoin gel (Rx)

Benzoyl Peroxide wash (OTC)

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (OTC)

Cetaphil moisturizing cream (OTC)

does that seem like a lot of products to you??? Right now I use Aveeno ultra calming cleanser and clean & clear oil-free moisturizer.

My acne is just bad enough that I want ti do something about it, but not bad enough that I'm so desperate I will load my face with a bunch of junk and make it worse. On the other hand if I do what the dr ordered I don't want to half ass it.

What do you think? Too many products? Any advice for a new comer?

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That is definately not alot of products. 2 prescription topicals is not that much. I am guessing one is for the night and one is for the morning? Look at my signature for all the stuff I use. Sometimes it takes a combination of things to clear you up. You should definately stick to what she gave you. Dont skip doses ot get lazy washing your face, your only hurting yourself. Do use the moisturizer. You may not think its important (I didnt) but it really does help. Keep using it even if you arent dry.

You will read so many arguments about diet and acne. Some say there is a link, some say there isnt. Try it for yourself, if you think it helps, great. If not, dont worry about it.

Im no doctor, but I hope this helps.

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