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Ruaccutane: DO IT. My skin, before and after.

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This is a plee to those who are considering going on Ruaccutane, to go onto Ruaccutane, and enjoy an acne free life.

I HATE these pictures, I HATE them, but I think to make people realise how Ruaccutane has changed my life, you must see these pictures and just see how much my skin has changed.

These pictures actually start about 2-3 months into the cycle, and my skin had already started to clear up. I have shred all evidence of my skin at it's worse, which was New Years of 2008 going into 09.


Check through the gallery there, and here is a picture of me now (from today).


I could scour through my photos and choose the one where my skin looks best, but I just chose one from today so you could see the difference from then until NOW.


PLEASE Enjoy an acne free life. Please.

Dan :)

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Nice, hope I get as clear too. what was your doses ect

I'll check tomorrow (I kept the boxes ofcourse)

I'm pretty sure I was 60mg, but I may have been 40 or 80! I was deffinately on a strong one, I used to get nose bleeds daily, aching limbs, incredibly dry lips + skin and mood swings.

But guess what, it was all worth it!

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Great improvement, mate!

How longer after the treatment did it take for the side-effects and redmarks/redness to go away?

(Sorry I did post here, but my iPhone didn't send it!)

I had the dryness/redness and some aching for about 1 month after, but it was so worth it!

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