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Some obvious and not-so-obvious tips that iv have found massively help, hope they work for you too!

Day time

  • Wash your hands before you ever touch your face, and be careful during the day of touching your face; touch it as little as possible and dont let others touch it with their hands
  • Try a face wash with no scrubbing particles; in my experience these actually worsen acne ( please see below for products that i recommend!)
  • use a non-com spf
  • Try using witch hazel gel as a hair gel; sounds strange but it works, as normal hair gels and waxes can break you out as they clog pores
  • Use cotton buds and swabs to apply makeup; this way you can throw them away after each use so you dont have to worry about spreading bacteria
  • If you have oily skin, pat it throughout the day with a clean tissue to get rid of excess oil
  • Always make sure that skin is free from makeup before working out; wash it about an hour before
  • Ideally wash skin twice a day at LEAST and three times a day AT MOST
  • Keep hair off your face during the day, pin back bangs
  • A little bit of sun is good for you; get out into the fresh air but never let you skin burn
  • When washing your skin, treat it nicely, dont be harsh with it, gentle massage in your cleanser and rinse well
  • Rinsing off your cleanser is almost as important as applying it! Make sure its all off properly; else it will clog pores
  • Try to wear no makeup if you can help it on your skin; let you skin breathe most of the time; its not healthy to suffocate skin
  • Use makeup that is non-com, and oil free (Please see suggestions below!)
  • Keep your hair clean; Tea tree oil shampoo is the best in my experience
  • You can use ibroprofen gel to treat painful swollen spots, it takes down the swelling in minutes
  • salt water is also a good spot treatment, mix a bit of salt and water in a clean cup and apply it with a cotton bud
  • Only squeeze spots that have an obvious white head on them

Night time

  • Try to sleep on clean pillowcases each night; if you have two pillows this gives you four nights worth, just turn the pillow onto a clean side each night, if you run out of clean pillowcases use a clean top or towel
  • Keep all your hair off your face at night, pin it back
  • Wash your face before you go to sleep ALWAYS
  • A healing cream or gel overnight can help soothe the skin and speed up healing time
  • Try to lie on your back when you sleep, this gives your skin air and means that it will come into contact with your pillow as little as possible
  • Make sure your hair is clean before you go to sleep (ie that it has been washed that day), your hair can spread oils and bacteria onto your pillow and then this can come in contact with your face


Loreal true match mineral makeup; its oil free, non comedogenic, has no perfume or preservatives AND is spf 15

Witch Hazel gel , boots own brand

Nelsons pure and clear face wash, gently washes skin and treats acne, paraben free

Salvon healing gel

Botantics (boots) blemish prone skin spf 15 with lavendar

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