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Does anybody else find that cetaphil dries your skin out. Im talking about when you use it with water.(i tried the whole wipe off excess thing but it didnt work and made my skin sooo oily).

I thought that this product was supposed to be gentle enough to use in babies and ppl with skin conditions aka me!

I wanted to ask the ppl who have had success with this product,

How long do you rub it over your face for?

The reason i am asking is because maybe rubbing it in to your face abit longer would act as a moisturiser so when i rinse it off my skins not drie.

Why dont i use a moisturier i hear you ask, because everyone i try leaves my face looking bright red and oily and makes my skin get more blemishes than if my skin was dry and flacky.


If somebody would have come up to me when i was 15 and said that in 7 years you will still be battling your skin to get clear i would have laughed at them.

Im not laughing now.

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Cetaphil is like one of the most gentle cleansers on the market and most people have very little problem with it. If it is drying you out then it may be due to teh SLS in cetaphil which has been proven to cause dry skin but that is in such low concentration in cetaphil that it should make little difference.

Neverthless you may be alergic to SLS and so maybe should look around for a gentle cleanser without SLS (just check the ingredients)

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