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Tiny bumps and Neutrogena WAVE Success

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Okay, so I have been plagued with these tiny non-inflamed bumps all over my forehead for like 2 years. Sometimes they creep down the sides of my face or spring up under my mouth. Tried accutane and they left while I was on it, but came right back 3 months after w/ the humid summer.

I bought this new Neutrogena WAVE electric face washer...and I'm not kidding, the bumps are all gone in 3 days! Has anyone else tried this? I am wondering if it is a coincidence and I stopped eating something I'm allergic too or my hormones are just cycling or something.

After tons of expensive soaps and lotions, and lots of topical lotions and medications that did nothing, I will be floored if this did the trick since it's like $17 at walgreens! But I will also be completely psyched. I am trying the 'deep-cleaning' pads now, but also have some of the exfoliating ones to try. They haven't irritated my skin at all and it's pretty sensitive.

let me know if this works for anyone else!

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Hi, I'm new here but I thought I'd post that I have success with the Wave also. I am on birth control with seems to be about 50% of what cleared my skin, but until I "discovered" the Wave it didn't clear up the other 50%. I love that thing. The cleanser seems very mild, but cleans my skin quite well, and I love the vibrating/mild exfoliation I get with it also. I haven't found any type of exfoliator I liked before this - they either didn't work at all or were much too strong for my sensitive skin. I am someone who needs to use as little products as possible to keep the irritation down - the less irritation, the less problems come up with my skin, the better it looks. The more products I try to use (masks, peels, spot treatments, scrubs, face washes, etc.) at any given time or for any regimine I've attempted seem to irritate my skin more and make it break out much worse. I LOVE that this is kind of an "all-in-one" for me - the only other thing I need to use now is a daily moisturizer. I love, love, LOVE how soft my skin feels since I've started using it.

Only drawback I've found with the wave is I had an issue with getting a few bad eggs as far as the product itself - the seal for the battery on a few was not good and did not close properly at all. I use it in the shower, so I definetely need it to be waterproof. I didn't even notice the door couldn't close all the way. It scared the crap out of me at around 3:00am one night by suddenly turning itself on while on my night stand. The battery got wet and corroded inside. So, if you buy a new one at any point, just make sure you open it up before you buy it and make sure the battery door closes properly :)

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is this kind of like the Clarisonic?

no not really. If you are looking for something like the Clarisonic with a more reasonable price I can help.

There is the Sun Labs Body Polisher which is only $30 you can buy it online at beauty choice.

Or another alternative is the SPAresource facial massager I bought it a walmart for only $8. I also believe you can buy it online at their website.

Hope that helped :surprised:

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