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On accutane, but want to improve quality of skin

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I'm in the middle of my second month on Accutane. My acne was never "severe" or close to it, but having acne was really putting a damper on my confidence. Anyway, I'm still getting some acne, and for a while now I've had these weird bumps near my nose... I think it could be inflamed clogged pores (look at first attached picture). What I want to know, though, is if it's worth it to try and improve my skin quality or if I should just go through the whole course of accutane first.

*other 2 pics are just side views so you can see what I'm dealing with... just took em. my face might be redder than normal because I went for a bike ride earlier, and lighting maybe makes it worse.. idk




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Hi there,

Well your skin is looking abit red there. Try and dunk/wash your face in cold water to reduce redness(caused by nerves I think).

Your 2nd picture, that is just normal acne. White blood cells will rush to it to keep it from getting infected(I think). I would suggest adding some TCP (or) E45 Cream. :)

Hope this help. :)

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what about all this jojoba oil business? is there any situation where it's not ok to use that? or apple cider vinegar

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Don't use any of them. All though, vinegar is good for cold cores.

Personally. Boil the kettle > Pan & Thin Clothe/Cloth ) Let the steam into your face. It will open the paws, and start to get rid of the oil. It won't get rid of it completely, so I would then go wash my face, and use some E45 or TCP. TCP will burn, but it will get the job done.

If you don't have TCP. Dab yourself with some hot water. I Had 2 massive spots on my chin, around 3/4 put together the both. I used that method, 6 hours later, they have shrunk by a massive amount.

Hope this helps. :0

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