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The “Healing Crisis”


Some people may go through a Detox period also known as the “Healing Crisis”. As the Wonderbar works on repairing the skin to restore its balance, one may experience some itchiness, dryness, peeling or even breakouts. This happens as the toxins trapped under the skin are flushed out. Most skin care products you find on the market act to suppress toxins in the skin, preventing them from coming out (eg. cystic acne, blackheads, etc.). This hinders the skin from being healed completely. Most of us have used these products. The MOOR substance found in the Wonderbar (with the essence of over 700 herbs & plants), is extremely effective in flushing out all of these toxins that may have been trapped under the skin for many years.


Dehydration causes the skin to lose its radiance. This makes the skin more fragile and less effective in acting as a barrier against external irritants & infection.

This advanced, unique algae, Chlorey’nahre Heilmoor Clay, extracts, heals & protects your skin against dehydration, external irritants & pollutants.

The “Healing Crisis” indicates that the product is working. Whereas some may not experience it at all, which indicates there is not a lot to be flushed out.

The duration of the “Healing Crisis” may vary from one person to the other. Some will get through it in a few days and some a few weeks. Please continue usage and do not worry, as the Wonderbar is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Ultimately, after this period is over, a more youthful, healthy, radiant skin will be revealed. You will be amazed by the results!

A review (some of the information is repeated):

The Wonder Bar is a facial cleanser made from a special MOOR clay from Heilmoor of Austria. This clay contains the essence of over 700 herbs and plants from the 3,000 years it took to create it. This MOOR essence is incredibly valuable for its benefits to the skin. There is also an algae formulation called Chlorey'nahre that's in this cleansing bar. All of that is a lot of confusion names and compounds but I have been using this cleanser and to put it plain and simple - it has changed my skin completely. Basically, the cleanser detoxes your skin. If you have clogged pores, it will extract all the gunk out. I get regular facials so I don't have that problem, but my husband does not facial so I had him use this. After the first couple of days, he got all these whiteheads, his clogged pores were purging itself. Now his skin is radiant like mine. OK, I am HUGE on exfoliating. After using the Wonderbar, I have not needed to exfoliate. After a good lather and rinse, my skin is soft and smooth, even though there is nothing abrasive in it. It is super mild. I have creamy soft baby skin. I'm not kidding. And my husband won't need to hear me nag about getting facials anymore, in fact, it has gotten rid of his rosacea. The Wonder Bar is cheaper than most cleansers I use, a 25 gram bar that last 4-6 weeks is $40. You can also get the 5 gram trial size good for 1-2 weeks for $10. It does not take off eye makeup so you will still need an eye make up remover afterwards.

I've never tried it and frankly, I have never trusted bars for my skin because of the binding agents that clog your pores. I'm very sure this wouldn't contain any of that because of how expensive it is and it looks like it would be nice to try but it is pretty expensive. Just wondering if anyone could provide a review or if anyone is interested in this.

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