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The other day my boyfriend put on lip balm before we kissed. Awhile after I had two large zits right above my lip and I know it was from that... so embarrassing. I had to talk to him about it. I've never seen him with a zit before. As a girl I feel like I should be having less of a problem with acne, you know? Acne is a testosterone thing... I had to talk to him and tell him his lip balm broke me out. I also have a lot of other blemishes on my face too but I always wear makeup. I told him I was self conscious about my skin and he told me my skin was soft, warm, and beautiful. He is very sweet and we've only been dating for about four months but he told me he loved me. He's never seen me without makeup and I feel like he would be so shocked. I remember middle school... girls thought I was so pretty. They would see me at a sleepover with no makeup on and talk about me behind my back. When people see me without makeup they realize I'm not naturally pretty. It breaks my heart because I used to have great skin. What am I going to do when I get married? My husband is going to have to see me without makeup. I truly don't think my acne will ever go away. I've tried everything. Acne really does change lives.

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thats so horrible that ppl talked bad about u!

i feel the same way.. like im fine with makeup on but without it ppl would think im ugly..

but what ive sort of been seeing is that if skin is ur only issue, the acne should clear up by the time your ready to get married.

For me, basically skin is my main concern, and it should eventually clear up. Just keep that in mind!

And ur husband or boyfriend should love u for u. And if they do than they don't care what u look like with or without makeup.

Ur lucky u have a guy like that!! he sounds so sweet!

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omg i feel exactly like you only that ive been with my bf for nearly 2 years an you think id overcome this problem. infact your even better than me i dont even have the guts to talk about my skin under my makeup coz i feel embarrased. because i too dont feel naturally pretty . nd dread ettig married as much as id want to :cry: and i hate it when people say that theyre going to accept what they look like or "you should accept it" coz its you. omfg no its not me!! we all used to have clear skin surely thats not 2 much to ask for.

i hope everyones acne goes away or someone invents a miracle rug for all of us.

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Thanks X3Kell3X :) I really do have a sweet boyfriend.

... and you're so right missy. It's not really you. Acne kind of reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. It's like people have to see past your condition because you're really somone else. Kind of weird analogy but I like it haha

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singingfool, when you get married, if your husband-to-be marries you without seeing you not wearing makeup EVER then something is wrong with the picture. Marriage isn't about acne or nose hairs or moles or anything like that. It's so much deeper. If your boyfriend tells you that you're beautiful, give him some slack. He means it. You're being too hard on yourself and letting your insecurity speak for you. *hug*

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I agree with Siava. For one, your future husband should see you without makeup at some point. Nobody looks their best all the time. And if you get to the point where you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you not only see past that, but you love them even more for letting you see the sides of them nobody else does (and vice versa).

Your boyfriend sounds sweet! =)

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