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How to approach the "Not washing face" technique?

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I've have some acne since I was 17-18, and I also have OCD and likely Body Dismorphic Disorder..

at first maybe it was only when I was stressed out, I'd get like a pimple on my forehead or nose.

Then I started getting carried away with worrying about it, I think I got like 3 pimples once, and tried pro active, that just made my skin feel like crap... and so began the LONG hundreds of dollars spent over the past couple of years combating acne... and it's only gotten worse, with more breakouts, and more blackheads on my nose, and oilier skin.

I'm grateful to have come out of it with only maybe 3 little small acne scars, and mild blemishes.

I started thinking that maybe this only started because of my obsession with products and crap, and constant switching around of routines (though I have had long routines that worked, then suddenly stopped working 3-4 months later).

Since I don't get acne on my neck, or the parts of my face I never wash (like around hairline or under the chin), and have never had severe acne on other parts of my body (only a couple pimples on back if I get stressed)... can I probably assume my face would function well on its own without product?

UNFORTUNATELY a few weeks ago I did a TCA peel (18%), the results were meh, but now I'm "required" to wear sunscreen on my face for 6 months following.. so I guess I screwed myself over to making myself reliant on some sort of sunscreen/moisturizure for 6 months... therefore I must cleanse my face daily, right?

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i honestly would not try the no washing face routine.

well, that's a lie, because i did try it, but it just doesn't really sound good on paper, and doesn't work much in practice. the fact is, your face will steadily dry out, and things will just kind of fester, and that will still produce acne. i remember when i did it, i was COMPLETELY clear after two weeks, and then the third week in, massive breakout, and it just kept breaking out until i finally went back to washing.

ultimately it's your choice, just throwing my own experience out there.

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